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No free on the Dragon Boat Festival Expressway

On June 18, this year, the Dragon Boat Festival was closed for three days on Saturday and Sunday, and many citizens are preparing for a short trip. Although Dragon Boat Festival is a national legal holiday, but the highway is not free. Pay attention to safety when traveling.

According to the traffic management department, this year's Dragon Boat Festival holiday expressway is not free of charge, but it is expected that the city's Jinji Expressway and other hot expressways leading to the scenic spot will still usher in traffic peak. The traffic control department reminds drivers to pay attention to the following four points during the self driving trip of the Dragon Boat Festival.

Do not stop or drive over the guide line

When driving to the highway toll station, some vehicle drivers often don't pay attention to the white network marking on the ground and press the traffic marking to drive forward, which has constituted traffic violations. According to the introduction, these white network traffic markings are called 'diversion lines' in science. The purpose of setting them is to remind drivers that the traffic in the lanes on both sides of the separation belt will converge on the road ahead. Vehicles should be careful to drive in the lanes on both sides of the diversion line, and do not touch when meeting. The traffic control department specially reminds the driver that the meaning of the diversion line is to prohibit driving over or across the line, so as to guide the traffic flow to drive in order and prohibit temporary parking at the marking line.

No parking inside and outside the toll station

In order to wait for other vehicles in the same line, or for factors such as parking and rest, some accompanying vehicle drivers will make it convenient to temporarily park outside the toll station or service area, or even park at will on the high-speed Lane in the station. In this regard, no matter whether there are people in the car or not, the high-speed traffic police will take photos according to law. The driver of the illegally parked car will be fined 200 yuan and the driver's license will be charged 6 points.

Keep the distance and don't rush

In order to ensure a safe distance between vehicles in the high-speed, the traffic police high-speed detachment, highway and other management departments will adopt the "slow in and fast out" charging mode for key high-speed checkpoints during the Dragon Boat Festival. For example, at the entrance of highway toll station, in addition to the steps of "issuing cards - Safety Tips - Lifting Poles for release", the staff will increase the single passing time of vehicles to increase the interval of high-speed traffic flow, and at the exit, they will also improve the high-speed efficiency of single driving through the mode of "double charging", so as to control the traffic flow in high-speed to a certain extent.

Control speed to avoid accidents

After every small holiday, there are not a few drivers who are fined or scored for speeding. Many drivers (especially novices) often feel that they can only step on the accelerator and drive forward when entering the high speed, but it's just such a "Convention" that they violate the law. Traffic management department reminds that drivers must strictly follow the speed limit specified by lane markings when driving at high speed, and do not exceed the speed limit or the minimum speed limit.