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Why should litchi be put on ice or in water? How to judge whether litchi is bad or not?

Litchi is a common fruit in our life. Litchi tastes sweet and delicious, rich in nutrition, and is popular with people. But when we buy litchi in the supermarket, we often see litchi on ice or in water. Do you know why?

Why are litchi soaked in water

Litchi is easy to be dried if it is not put in water. It can be kept fresh and stored for a longer time.

Because the juice of litchi is sticky, it's better to wash it before eating, so it's cleaner and healthier

There are many lychee sellers who like to soak lychees in ice or ice water. This is mainly to keep fresh. If litchi is not kept fresh in ice water, because it has a lot of sugar, it will easily attract many sweet eating insects, which will break down in a short time~

How to distinguish litchi metamorphism

1. Look at: shell color, deep red, purple red, brown red, rose red, brown red, etc., with fresh and eye-catching color is better. The color of the fruit is red, the quality is poor with black color; the fruit with water mark has been saccharified or flooded; the fruit with white spot on the handle is mildewed.

2. It is better to peel the litchi fruit, the inner layer of the shell is pure white or pink without brown and black.

3. Nose smell: the high-quality fresh lychee stem has a clear smell, if there is no clear smell, it is stale or body tide.

4. Taste: tender and glutinous meat, sweet and fragrant in the mouth. It has bitter taste at the entrance, which is the result of over drying or re baking; the meat quality is good without acid taste, followed by slight acid quality, followed by heavy acid quality.

5. Look at the fruit, fresh litchi are Lianzhi, litchi fruit full and elastic, red color is better.