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Can litchi be eaten when its surface turns black? How is litchi best preserved?

Can you still eat lychees when they turn black? This season is the season when a large number of fresh lychees are on the market, but lychees are not easy to preserve. Once two or three days pass, the skin will turn black easily. Can you still eat lychees when they turn black? How can lychees be best preserved?

How to preserve litchi?

In summer, if you want to eat fresh frozen litchi, experts suggest that you should wrap litchi with newspaper before putting it into the refrigerator, so as to protect the skin of litchi from being black to some extent, and the water content of the pulp is also slowly lost, so it's better to keep it at - 18 ℃.

Cut off the long lychee stem, then put the lychee into a plastic bag, tie the bag tightly and place it in a cool place. If possible, the plastic bag containing litchi can be immersed in water. In this way, the color, fragrance and taste of litchi remained unchanged after a few days.

Nutritional value of Litchi

Litchi, together with banana, pineapple and longan, is known as the "four fruits of South China". Litchi originated in southern China, is a subtropical fruit tree, evergreen tree, about 10 meters high. The peel is mostly scaly, scarlet and purplish red. When the flesh is fresh, it is translucent and coagulated, and tastes delicious. But not resistant to storage. Yang Guifei is famous for her love of litchi, which makes Du Mu write a famous saying: "no one knows it's litchi coming when riding on the red dust.". In addition, a lot of poems about litchi have been written by literati of different dynasties. Litchi is hot. It is easy to catch fire when eating more, and can cause 'Litchi disease'. In addition to eating litchi fruit, nuclear medicine is used as astringent analgesic to treat heart and small intestine pain. Solid wood, dark reddish brown, elegant texture, corrosion-resistant, has always been a top-grade famous wood. Many flowers, rich in nectaries, are important nectary plants.

How to peel litchi?

Clean litchi before shelling. Leave a little bit of the head, cut the litchi from the branch, and then wash it twice with water to remove the dirt on the shell.

Step 2: shelling

1. First, find a seam in the middle of the left and right hemispheres of the litchi shell, and cut the nail along this line.

2. Hold the left and right halves of the suture with your fingers, and at the same time, break it outwards with force, and the suture will crack.

3. Continue to pull outward until the crack penetrates the whole shell. Take off the shell with the head.