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2018 Russia world cup guide to watch the ball

At 23 p.m. on June 14, 2018, a four-year football feast for fans around the world will officially kick off. Is it exciting and exciting for football fans? Do you know how to read the football guide during the world cup? Let's have a look.

The competition will be held in 12 stadiums in 11 cities in Russia from June 14 to July 15, 2018. At that time, 32 top teams in the world will gather in Russia to perform a wonderful football feast. 32 countries, 32 teams, division of the king, peak duel.

Russian World Cup Official theme music mv

The song is called live it up

This song is composed by will & bull; Smith and Nicky & bull; jam

Sing with IRA & bull; strafe

Due to the different geographical location of Russia

Chinese fans who are 'used to' staying up late to watch the ball have also reaped rare blessings

The time of the world cup is no longer always 3-4 a.m

Most of the Games start around 22 p.m

The opening and final are decided respectively

23:00 on June 14 and July 15, Beijing time

The 2018 Russia world cup is about to start. For all kinds of fans, how can they better watch this world cup? Today, Xiaobian will come to talk with you about how to enjoy the world cup~

1、 The way of popular science for senior fans

If you are a person who knows football well, there is absolutely no pressure on you to watch it. But during the world cup, there will be all kinds of relatives and friends to ask you questions about the world cup. We will choose several representative questions in the form of Q & A.

1. I usually don't watch the ball very much. How many teams are recommended for the world cup?

There are 32 teams in the world cup, and there are 5-6 traditional strong teams. It depends on your personal taste. Let me introduce some basic information about some key teams.

Germany: defending champion, the overall level of players is high, there is no outstanding star, playing team football. In the past, German football was very tough, focusing on physical confrontation, playing directly, willpower and strong fighting spirit. It has won the World Cup four times.

Now the German team has changed the technical route, the main player of the team is passing and controlling, most of the players have a more delicate foot technology, that is, the transformation from Black Whirlwind Li Kui to multi star Wu Yong. At present, the only defect is that there is no good center, that is, the kind of person who is tall and strong and can shoot and score directly.

Brazil: the kingdom of football, has won the world cup five times. In the past, Brazil team was famous for its gorgeous personal technology, romantic art and cheerful football concept. Now, there are also some changes.

The team is now the star Neymar. At present, most of the whole team plays in Europe, which is deeply influenced by the whole European football trend. At present, Brazil team does not have the feeling of Samba dance before, but has more utilitarian color, or practicability.

France: the most talented country in this world cup, but Benzema's absence makes France lack a big brother who can lead the team. Their characteristics are that players have high personal talent and strong individual combat ability, but when they are combined into a whole, they can not achieve the effect of 11 people's joint efforts, that is, the feeling of 1 + 1 less than 2.

Argentina: Lionel Messi is on this team. The team's attack is beautiful and there are many players. The level of the players in the middle and back field is limited. In the real game, it is basically relying on Messi's carry. Messi is eager to win the first World Cup.

England: they are called "European China team" because they have not performed well in the competition, so they got the nickname. This world cup, their overall strength in the traditional big teams, still belong to the relatively poor one. The root of the team is the lack of creative core players, or rely on physical confrontation, speed impact to solve the battle directly.

Spain: from 2008 to 2012, Spain used to be the top player in the football world. They played the passing and controlling football to the top. In short, their players can lock the ball at their own feet, and the transmission between them is very smooth, and the opponents can hardly take it down.

At present, with the fade out of Xavi and other players, the team's dominance has declined a lot, but the three lines are still balanced, and the control of the midfield is still the best in the world. At present, from the point of view of public opinion, their call for the title is not high, but their strength cannot be underestimated.

Portugal: Star Ronaldo, champion of the last European Cup. The team's tactics are very simple, that is to kill you and I have Ronaldo. The team is willing to pile up people in the middle and back court, play wheel attrition, and when everyone's physical strength is not good, Ronaldo will reap the game with a fatal blow.

Belgium: we have two famous stars: Azar and debraune. The others are also the first-line and second-line stars. However, the team's tactics are not clear enough and there are problems in unity. In the competition, Belgium often falls into the situation of fighting on its own, and the results are not satisfactory.

Conclusion: if you want to see the top stars, you should choose teams like Argentina, Portugal, Brazil and Egypt. If you like to watch the high-level technical football, you are recommended to watch the Spanish and German games. If you like to watch straight forward physical confrontation and hormone spillover games, it is recommended to watch England's ball.

2. Which team is most likely to win the championship?

This issue, put aside all kinds of subjective positions, suggests Spain. Germany as the last champion is a big hit, but defending the world cup has always been very difficult, and the German team has the short board of center, the will quality is not as high as before.

Brazil, affected by Neymar's injury, may not be able to play at the highest level. The lack of such top players is often decisive in a strong dialogue.

The French team has a large number of famous brands and monsters, but the coach Deschamps has a limited ability to adjust. The team has not set up an absolute core like Qizu. There is a great possibility for them to be free and brave. No matter from the level of technical and tactical ability or spiritual strength, they have a distance with the champions.

And Spain, not the darling of the public opinion, have been preparing for the game in a low-key way. At present, there are great stars in the third tier, and the configuration of the midfield and backcourt is the top in the world. Although there is no previous despairing ruling power, the playing method is relatively mature. The three generations of the old, the middle-aged and the young are combined. With the help of the Spanish club to dominate Europe all the year round, their competition experience is rich and there is no pressure to deal with the big scene.

2、 New fans' watching posture

1. How to understand the football match quickly?

Objectively speaking, football is a very professional sport. A lot of people on the field decide its complexity and variability. So it's very difficult to understand the football match in just one month. Just feel the warm atmosphere and pay attention to the impressive points inside and outside the field. Maybe you will gradually fall in love with football, just like many old fans.

2. I am a female fan, which handsome guys can pay attention to?

360 lines, handsome is the natural advantage, football is no exception. First of all, I'd like to share with you the sad news that Italy, known as the "men's model team", has not won the world cup this time, which is the biggest loss of the beauty industry. Here's a recommendation for 'face'.

First of all, the German team is the current chief representative of the 'men's model team'. There are a lot of handsome men in the team, including the orthodox fans such as humels and Neuer, the fashionable fans such as Boateng and Royce, and the attractive ones such as Mueller, all of whom have the same appearance.

Then there are some individuals, such as dibala of Argentina team, lalana of England team, GIRU of France team, Arsenio of Spain team and so on, who have their own ways of coaching. Please remember your names, fans, and their style of playing is also very handsome!

3、 The way of hunting for novelty

If you are not interested in the game at all, there is still a reason to pay close attention to the world cup. After all, this is a big party all over the world, like a wonderful event, which brings together all kinds of human customs. In the end, let's talk about what else we can focus on if we don't pay attention to football or football related things.

1. Some people say that the company of the family members will make the players play better; others say that the company of the wife during the game will affect the state. This world cup, this topic also deserves attention.

2. There are also many anecdotes and anecdotes from fans around the world. This year, what we are looking forward to is the 'open-minded duel' between English and Russian fans. Fans of the two teams complained at the 2016 European Cup. It is said that at that time, hundreds of English fans were Ko by a few Russian fans. This time the Russian fans' return to home ', whether the English fans can fight back, it is worth looking forward to.

In addition, the fans in the stands are also a generation of beautiful sceneries, such as the beautiful Suzanne in 1998, the little Brazilian boy crying in 2014, and an old grandfather holding the Hercules cup, which are very interesting.

3. If you are still not interested in these, just know about Russia. There will be various programs to introduce local customs. It is a good choice to know a country's past and present.

4、 On site watching Guide

Bai Yansong World Cup Tucao national foot: China has gone except the football team.

Fan ID

Fans' passports are handled after the purchase of World Cup tickets. They are necessary documents for passing. Fans' passports are not only marked with the user's name and photo, but also equipped with magnetic stripe recording the user's personal information. Russia grants the passport of foreign fans the right to enter Russia without signing, starting 10 days before the first match and ending 10 days after the last match. Fans are advised to book their passports in advance. Foreign fans can apply for and get fan ID free of charge through the postal service and express mail service of one visa center in Russia or visa branch outside Russia cooperating with Russia. All necessary information about fan passports, including application, access and distribution information, can be found at

Free ride

Russia will launch a free ride system for the world cup spectators: free additional trains between the host cities; free public transport on the day of the competition. In order to allow fans to take buses free of charge between the host cities, Russia plans to add 700 special trains to transport more than 400000 passengers at that time. In addition, on the day of the competition, visitors will receive free bus services (buses, trolleybuses, trams, subways, intercity electric trains and airport express trains).

Get accommodation

Fans to Russia can choose and book hotel accommodation independently through all open sales channels, including:

Via the FIFA website (;

Through the official tourism portal of the Organizing Committee (;

Through FIFA authorized accommodation operator 'match accommodation' (Moscow Representative Office Tel: + 7 499 658 2010);

Through other Russian and international online hotel reservation systems, as well as direct hotel reservations.

FIFA fans visiting the venue

Russia will set up venues in all 11 host cities. The venues have been designated. The specific address list of venues can be found on the FIFA website. Everyone can watch the world cup for free at the venue