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Did Feng Timo return 1.6 million yuan for the accounting event?

What's the matter with Zhenjiang accounting? As the first sister of the anchor, Feng Timo has been called by CCTV recently. Has Feng Timo returned 1.6 million yuan as reward? Let's follow the editor to understand the cause of the matter.

Recently, a Zhenjiang accountant Wang Mou embezzled public funds to reward several female anchors and made a verdict. According to CCTV, during the period of embezzling public funds to reward, Wang Mou concealed his wife's family every week and went to Shanghai to have a tryst with the female anchor under the pretext of business trip, spending hundreds of thousands of yuan each time.

There were several anchors involved in the incident, and because of the CCTV news report, there was a mosaic of women, some netizens identified as "the first sister of the anchor" Feng Timo. Fengtimo was heated because of "accounting", but in fact, it was already staged a year ago, but now it's just a new one.

It goes back two years. Since April 2016, Wang, an accountant in a real estate company in Zhenjiang City, has been embezzling public funds to give rewards in the live broadcast room. He once gave 200 female anchors a one-time reward, and individual female anchors were given more than 1.6 million yuan at most. With the constant "smashing money", he and individual female anchor quickly developed into a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. In February 2017, Jiangsu Zhenjiang police detained Wang according to law. At that time, Wang said goodbye to his girlfriend Yu, and then chose to cut his wrists in a hotel in Shanghai. Before his consciousness was not fuzzy, he contacted Yu through wechat. The latter rushed to the hotel and called 120, and sent Wang to Shanghai Oriental Hospital for rescue.

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In the subsequent interrogation, Wang admitted the fact that he had misappropriated public funds and said that he had spent a lot of money on live platforms such as "fish fighting" and "Panda" for more than a year, among which 1.6 million yuan had been spent to reward a female anchorman surnamed Feng. At that time, many netizens had deep pickings, saying that the "Feng surnamed female anchor" was probably the famous host of douyu, Feng Timo. However, some netizens also think that the anchor who developed a relationship with Wang is more than 120. At that time, Feng Timo was actually a lying gun.

To this end, Feng Timo once replied that the Qing Dynasty itself, and also warned fans not to send money as mindless as the accountant in the news. Finally, he made a clear statement that he would return the original gift money for the first start of, but the accountant said that he could not get back the gift money.

On May 15 this year, after more than an hour of trial, the court pronounced in court that Wang, the defendant, was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment for the crime of occupation and confiscation of 200000 yuan of property, and ordered the defendant to return all the money for the occupation of the victim's company.