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How to regulate the dampness in women? What are the symptoms of heavy dampness in women?

Women are more likely to be invaded by moisture than men, and they are more prone to heavy moisture in summer. What should women do about heavy moisture in their bodies? What are the manifestations of heavy moisture in women's bodies? Let's learn from Xiaobian.

How do women get rid of moisture

1. Hot water feet

One of the best ways to deal with dampness is to soak feet in hot water. Because of the hot weather, most people will ignore the good habit of hot water feet. In fact, the hotter the weather is, the heavier the dampness, the more necessary it is to soak feet in hot water. Hot water can stimulate the six meridians of foot, such as stomach meridian of Foot Yangming and bladder meridian of foot, so as to strengthen the spleen, remove dampness, pass through the meridians and benefit the water.

2. Exercise and dehumidification

Don't be afraid of sweating in summer! Usually move more, don't always hide in the air conditioning room, and try to create opportunities for activities for the body! Sweating can speed up the circulation and metabolism of water left in the body, and discharge it from the body! Even if the weather is hot, it is necessary to form the habit of sweating exercise! All kinds of exercise, even doing housework, can not only eliminate the damp poison, but also achieve the effect of weight loss!

3. Mugwort bath dehumidification

AI belongs to the medicine of extreme Yang. It can dispel deficiency fire and cold fire by soaking its feet with AI Ye water. It has certain curative effect on oral ulcer, sore throat, periodontitis and gingivitis. People with severe cold and humidity can soak their feet in wormwood leaf water once a week, but at the same time, they must stop eating cold food. Pay attention not to let the cold and dampness invade again. If you keep going, you will find that it is not easy for your body to catch fire when you eat the food for tonic, and your constitution is gradually improving.

4. Eat less sweet and cold food

Don't eat food that will hurt your spleen and stomach in such a humid environment. For example, cold food, cold drink. People who like to eat sweets should also be forbidden to eat, because 'sweet and greasy turn wet'. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that raw and cold food, ice products or cold fruits and vegetables will affect the digestion and absorption function of the stomach, and cold food should not be eaten in summer. For example, lettuce salad, watermelon, cabbage, balsam pear, etc., it is better to add onion and ginger when cooking to reduce the cold nature of vegetables.

5. Dehumidification of green tea

Green tea is the first choice for dehumidification in this season. Green tea contains a large number of caffeine, tea polyphenols and other components can be more comprehensive retained. Therefore, drinking green tea is more conducive to diuresis. For people with cold constitution, green tea is cold. When using green tea to dehumidify, we must pay attention to drink less and stop drinking if there is any reaction.

What are the manifestations of women's heavy moisture

1. Teeth on tongue

One of the most typical symptoms of heavy moisture is the tongue. When you get up in the morning, look in the mirror to see whether there are traces of tooth compression on both sides of your tongue. If there is, there is no doubt that the moisture is heavy.

2. Female undertow

Women with heavy moisture will have turbid urination and increased leucorrhea. If they ignore the moisture, they will cause other gynecological inflammation for a long time.

3. Paunchy

The function of spleen and stomach of women with heavy dampness usually has some small problems. The operation of spleen and stomach is not good, which will lead to the accumulation of water and dampness in the abdomen, and the abdomen will form a thick circle of fat over time.

4. Loose stool

Dampness will hurt the spleen and stomach. Poor digestion of the spleen and stomach will cause your stool to be shapeless, sticky, etc., and it is not clean to flush the toilet, etc.