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The origin and origin of father's day what day is father's day in 2018?

compared with the exposure and straightforwardness of mother's love, father's love for children is thick and forbearing, so it's hard to find out that it's father's day right away. Do you know what's the date of father's day this year? What's the origin of father's day? Let's go with the small compilation of Father's day love must be expressed, for parents, this may be the best gift.

Q: what's the father's day in 2018?

A: father's Day 2018 is June 17, 2018, Sunday, the fourth day of may in the lunar calendar.

The origin of father's Day

In 1909, Bruce Dodd, a lady in Washington, came up with an idea when celebrating mother's Day: since there is mother's day, why can't there be father's day? Mrs. Dodd and her five younger brothers died in their early years, and they were raised by their loving father. Many years have passed. When six brothers and sisters die on their father's birthday, they always think back to their father's hard work to support their family.

With Dr. rasmas' support, Mrs. Dodd wrote a cordial letter to the state government, calling for the establishment of father's day and suggesting that it should be on her father's birthday on June 5. At the same time that the state government adopted the proposal, it changed the festival to the third Sunday in June. The following year, Mrs. Dodd's city of Spokane officially celebrated the festival. The mayor announced the proclamation of father's day, which was designated as the state anniversary.

On June 19, 1910, the first father's Day celebration was held in Spokane, Washington, where Mrs. Dodd lived. In about the same time, people in other towns around the United States began to celebrate father's day. At the same time, in order to standardize father's day, all sectors of society strongly appeal to the state to recognize the festival.

In 1924, then president Coolidge expressed his support for the proposal of establishing a national Father's day. In 1966, President Johnson signed the presidential proclamation, declaring the third Sunday in June that year as the father's day of the United States. In 1972, President Nixon finally signed the official document, making the third Sunday in June every year the father's day of the whole United States, and becoming the permanent anniversary of the United States 。

On father's day, people choose specific flowers to express their respect and missing for their father. They adopt Mrs. Dodd's advice, wear red roses to show their love for their living father, and white roses to show their mourning for their dead father. This custom has been passed down to this day.

China also has its own father's Day

With the passage of time, father's day in the West has spread all over the world. Now, many people in our country celebrate father's day on the third Sunday of June every year. But in history, our country also has its own father's day.

The origin of father's day in China dates back to the period of the Republic of China. On August 8, 1945, Shanghai launched an activity to celebrate father's day. The citizens responded immediately. After the victory of the Anti Japanese War, celebrities from all walks of life in Shanghai jointly asked the Shanghai municipal government to present it to the central government, and decided that August 8, which is homophonic as "father", is the National Father's day. On father's day, people wear flowers to show respect for their father And miss.