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How to save zongzi that can't be eaten in Dragon Boat Festival? Is zongzi refrigerated or frozen?

Every Dragon Boat Festival, your family will not eat dumplings. Zongzi is a kind of high calorie food. You can't eat too much at one time, so what should you do if you have zongzi that can't be eaten? Zongzi is most afraid of sultry heat, so don't put it in a sealed cabinet or box. It's recommended to put it in a cool, ventilated and dry place, preferably in a refrigerator or cold freeze.

How to save zongzi?

2. If you don't want to eat it in two or three days, you should put it in the freezer of the refrigerator, but the freezing period should not exceed 2 weeks.

3. The frozen zongzi must be thawed and then heated before eating.

4. It's better to use the 'original' method, that is, steaming in a pot separated by water, and the steaming time should be about 20 minutes; it's better not to use the microwave oven to heat zongzi, because the microwave oven heating, water loss is too large, zongzi will stick on the zongzi leaves, which is not easy to peel, and also affects the taste.

5. Zongzi, which can't be eaten completely, can be used to cook porridge and dessert can be made into dessert.

How to save zongzi that can't be eaten

How to keep the rice dumplings that can't be eaten? Don't put them into the fresh-keeping layer of the refrigerator when they are cooked. They are easy to break when they are put there. Put them into the frozen layer, and they can be frozen for about ten days. (the temperature of the refrigerator is the best between five and three degrees centigrade).

Of course, although the cooked zongzi will not be bad for ten days, but with the extension of time, the bacteria on zongzi also began to increase. Therefore, it is not recommended to keep zongzi frozen for a long time.

How to eat the unfinished zongzi

1. Pan fried rice dumplings with eggs

Soft glutinous rice, all kinds of fillings, and light egg flavor. The outer layer is thin eggshell, and the inner layer is cut into pieces of zongzi, which is crispy outside and soft inside, and has a thick zongzi flavor. Such zongzi is like a snack, more like a dish.

Ingredients: 1 zongzi, 1 egg


(1) Take zongzi out of the freezer or freezer and slice it directly. Don't heat it.

(2) Break up the eggs and put the zongzi in to soak.

(3) Heat the pot and add oil. Put the zongzi wrapped in egg liquid into the oil pot. Fry until golden on both sides.

(4) What kind of ketchup can I have with it.

The oil temperature is well controlled. When you put it in the pot, the oil needs to be hot, and the egg liquid is fragrant. Zongzi into the pot is frozen, it is necessary to first fire a little bit more slowly fry through.

2. Rice dumpling Sushi

It's also very simple to make sushi with zongzi left at home! It's also greasy to match with laver.

Ingredients: Meat zongzi, cucumber, ham sausage, egg, seaweed


(1) Steamed pork dumplings on the pot (if you use a large dumpling, you can usually make one sushi, and use two dumplings when they are relatively small)

(2) Break up the eggs and spread them in a pan.

(3) Sliced cucumber and sausage.

(4) Peel off the leaves and spread them evenly on the seaweed. Be careful not to spread them, leaving 1 / 5 of the upper part.

(5) Roll up the egg skin, ham and cucumber in the middle and cut into pieces. (vegetables can be matched at will, because it's zongzi, you can have anything without ham, whatever you like. )