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How is summer darling bitten by mosquito skin red swollen to do? These little tricks tell you

How to deal with the redness and swelling of babies bitten by mosquitoes? Summer is the season for mosquitoes to reproduce vigorously, especially for babies with delicate skin, which is quite painful. How to deal with the redness and swelling of many babies' skin after being bitten by mosquitoes?

How is darling bitten by mosquito red swollen to do?

In fact, you can install orange light bulbs indoors. Because mosquitoes are afraid of orange light, they can produce good mosquito repellent effect.

1. Multivitamin B solution

This is a very simple and effective way. Parents can go to the drugstore to buy the cheapest multivitamin B, then grind it into powder, dissolve it with water, and pour it into a small watering can. Each time they use it, they only need to spray it at 20cm to the baby. It is said that mosquitoes don't like the taste of VB, which is simple and convenient to use.

2. Cucumber

Cut the cucumber into pieces or mash it into mud, and apply it to the part bitten by mosquitoes. Because the cucumber has the function of calming and anti-inflammatory, it can effectively eliminate swelling and itching. You may as well try it.

3. Mosquito control with tea residue

Parents can collect the leftover tea leaves they usually drink, dry them, and then burn them in places where mosquitoes are easy to get in and out. Or rub the dried Wormwood Leaves into ropes and put them indoors after lighting. The smoke can also repel mosquitoes, but don't smoke the baby during operation.

4. Apply MINT

Take a few leaves of mint, perilla or tomato, rub out the juice and smear it on the naked skin of the body. Mosquitoes smell the special smell of the plant juice, lest they avoid it, but pay attention to keep away from the baby's mouth.

5. Install the orange light bulb

Orange light bulb is installed indoors. Because mosquitoes are afraid of orange light, it can produce good mosquito repellent effect. If there is no orange light bulb, you can also use orange cellophane with strong transparency to cover the 60 watt bulb, and mosquitoes will also escape.