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What are the popular majors for girls to apply for the examination in 2018? Recommended majors for c

For girls, when filling in the college entrance examination, parents expect them to choose some majors with less employment pressure, relative ease and ease. So for girls who take part in the college entrance examination this year, which majors are suitable for filling in? You may as well let the small editors of recommend several majors for you.

1、 Finance

Suitable for outgoing and analytical girl

The major of finance is widely practical, similar to that many commercial banks attach great importance to such talents. In particular, there are more than 30 financial analysts, the CFA, in Shanghai. Things are rare, so the students of this major should work harder!

Recently, Chinese people like to invest money to make money. In recent years, the related majors of Finance and accounting in universities have been very popular. Ordinary people don't pay much attention to investment, so financial planners are a major direction for college students in the future.

Two. Law

It is suitable for girls with calm and logical thinking

Many parents hope that the girl will find a stable and gold rich job in the future. They are not civil servants. In China, all kinds of civil servants and public institutions are required to take legal examinations. Almost half of our provincial civil servants are enrolled in legal examination, and the units are not limited to legal examination (there are also a large number of legal examiners), but also include the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the general office of the provincial people's Congress, the Organization Department, the legal affairs office, the state tax, the local tax, and the development and Reform Commission, almost all of which are covered by law.

Civil servants in the first tier cities are not cost-effective, but civil servants in China also have a relatively high position. The annual income of civil servants in Shenzhen is nearly 200000 yuan, and the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta are all over 100000 yuan. Each inland provincial capital city has not only low treatment, but also houses.

3、 Minor languages

It's suitable for girls who have good language talent and like traveling

The best language in a minor language is "simultaneous translation", which is good for people to scream! A qualified simultaneous interpreting is about 1000 yuan per hour, with a daily income of between 6000 yuan and 10000 yuan, and the income of a day is between 3000 yuan and -6000 yuan. The monthly income of translators in regular translation institutions is about 8000 yuan.

4、 Management

Suitable for introverted and popular girls

In management science, the major with higher salary is engineering cost, traffic management, industrial engineering, etc. girls should be cautious in choosing, because when they are employed, the applicants tend to be boys. So, the rest are girls' strengths. The treatment is good~~~

Five. Software

It is suitable for girls who are good at mathematics, active in thinking and love to play king

Although it's a male oriented major, no one says that girls can't do it! So, if you want to have a high salary and choose a software major, girls must take it seriously. Don't be afraid that girls have no advantage in choosing software. Many domestic software are also developed for women. At this time, you will know the importance of a female software developer.

What major to learn first depends on what major your child is really interested in. Choosing the most suitable major is a big event in life. Many students choose the hot major or the major with more money blindly. This kind of unscientific choice is easy to choose a major that is not suitable for them. You need to know that a bad major that is not suitable for you will affect your career Even a lifetime! So, apart from salary, we should pay more attention to interest.