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How to deal with zongzi leaves? How to deal with fresh Zongye Bao?

Dragon Boat Festival is a tradition since ancient times. Many people like to make zongzi at home, so how to deal with the zongzi leaves? The leaves of zongzi are reed leaves, which are sober, wide and convenient to use. And the purchase of fresh zongzi leaves home must be handled before zongzi can be wrapped.

How to deal with rice dumplings before they are dried

1. Dried zongzi leaves need to be soaked and cleaned with water, which not only makes zongzi leaves tough but also clean. As it needs to be cleaned one by one, it needs some patience. Soak overnight.

2. In the process of cleaning, unqualified zongzi leaves should be detected, and at the same time, the zongzi leaves should be simply trimmed with scissors.

3. Then put the cleaned zongzi leaves into a large pot + water, boil for 10 minutes, and add a few spoons of salt, which can play a role in sterilization and color fixation.

4. Pour out the salt water for cooking the leaves of zongzi, wash with hot water, and then soak in the pot for standby.

The processing of zongzi leaves generally includes: washing, boiling, washing, soaking and cutting. After these processes, Zongye will become more resilient, so that when zongzi is wrapped, Zongye will not break. In addition, Zongye is more likely to penetrate its own taste into zongzi, so that it will have the fragrance of Zongye.

How to buy fresh Zongye home

1. Wash: no matter bought or just picked, the fresh leaves are dirty. They should be washed one by one.

2. Boil: put the cleaned zongzi leaves into the big pot + water, put them into the big pot and boil for a while. The color should be the same as the following figure, so the zongzi leaves are very soft and more resilient. Steam boiling time 10 minutes, plus a few spoons of salt, salt can play a role in disinfection and fixation.

3. Wash: pour out the salt water to boil the leaves of zongzi and wash with heated water. In order to be clean, it is recommended to wash it again. Of course, this step can be omitted if you are not bothered.

4. Bubble: soak the leaves in clear water for about 3 minutes. The leaves will be softer, and the water will permeate easily. In this way, the dumplings will be easier to cook.

5. Cut: check out the unqualified leaves of zongzi, and use the scissors to make a simple rest. Cut off the stem and the sharp part of the zongzi leaf, so that the zongzi is good-looking, and the zongzi leaf will not be too thick and neat.

Tips: Step 5 can also be performed at the same time as step 1. It depends on personal choice.

How to keep raw zongzi

In summer, the weather is hot, the temperature is high and the humidity is high, which is suitable for the growth and reproduction of various microorganisms, pathogens and molds. Zongzi, which is composed of glutinous rice, meat (or bean paste) and other raw materials, is easy to deteriorate after being stored at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Do not buy or eat Zongzi stored at room temperature and sold without refrigeration facilities. It is better to put zongzi stored for a long time in the freezer freezer. Zongzi can only be boiled and preserved. Don't put it in the fresh-keeping layer after cooking. It's easy to break when it's put there. Put it in the frozen layer and it won't go bad for ten and a half days (the temperature of the refrigerator is the best between 5 ℃ and 3 ℃).