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Why do you wear sachets on Dragon Boat Festival? What spices are in the Dragon Boat Festival sachet?

The Dragon Boat Festival in China has always been a custom of eating zongzi, wearing sachets and inserting Wormwood Leaves. Generally, the sachets with fragrance are filled with fragrant Chinese medicine. Do you know what spices are put in the sachets of Dragon Boat Festival? Can you make sachets at home?

the meaning of hanging sachet on Dragon Boat Festival

According to folklore experts, it is an important custom to tie multicolored lines and hang sachets for children. It has the good meaning of praying for Naji. The earliest use of sachet is to absorb sweat.

Hanging sachets is also called wearing sachets. Sachets are also called sachets and sachets. The sachets are wrapped with five colored silk threads, sewn with rags, and filled with spices (made of Angelica dahurica, Ligusticum chuanxiong, baicalin grass, paicao, Chennai, Gansong and Gaoxing), which are worn on the chest. They are fragrant. Chen Shiliang's "Guangji at the age of" quoted "miscellaneous at the age of" mentions a kind of "end five with red and white color as a bag, with color lines running through it, twitching like a flower. 'and another kind of' clam powder Bell ':' put clam powder into silk for five days, affix it with cotton, if you count beads. Let children take it to absorb sweat. The contents of these bags have changed several times. They have developed from clam powder for absorbing sweat, amulet for exorcising evil spirits, copper money, and realgar powder for eliminating insects to sachets for containing spices. Their production is becoming more and more exquisite, becoming a unique folk art of Dragon Boat Festival.

Wearing sachets is quite exquisite. In order to prevent diseases and keep fit, the elderly generally like to wear plum blossom, chrysanthemum, peach, apple, lotus, baby riding fish, baby holding cock, double lotus and other shapes, which symbolize the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers, all the best, the love of husband and wife, and family harmony. Children like birds and animals, such as tigers and leopards; monkeys play Yu, cockfights, etc. Young people are most fastidious about wearing sachets. If they are lovers in love, the amorous girl should carefully make one or two unique sachets for her lover before the festival. The young man is wearing the sachet given by his sweetheart. Naturally, he wants to attract comments from men and women around him. He praises his object's dexterity.

Spices put in sachets on Dragon Boat Festival

Acorus calamus

The leaves contain volatile aromatic oil, which can refresh the mind and clear the orifices, invigorate the spleen and eliminate diarrhea, kill insects and sterilize. External use can drive away bacteria and insects, while internal use can cool, invigorate stomach, dispel wind and refresh mind.

Two. Artemisia annua

The so-called Artemisia annua has fragrance in the whole plant. The volatile oil contained in Artemisia annua accounts for 0.3-0.5% of the whole plant. The main components of Artemisia annua are Eucalyptus olein, camphor and other substances. Artemisinin can be extracted from the whole plant. This artemisinin can clear away heat and detoxify, and is also conducive to inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

3、 Dragon Boat flower

The flowers are named after the red flowers on the dragon boat head of the Dragon Boat Festival. This grass is cool and has the effect of clearing away heat and cooling blood.

Four, citronella

It has the fragrance of lemon. The volatile oil contained in the whole grass is citronella oil, which can dispel wind and dehumidification, disperse cold and relieve skin, and prevent insect bites.

5、 Grapefruit leaf

It is the leaf of pomelo, a Rutaceae plant. The volatile oil contained in it has the flavor of orange peel, which can prevent and cure the wind pain.

Six. Angelica dahurica

The so-called Angelica dahurica has the effect of dispelling wind, drying dampness, swelling and pain. It can be simmered in the room with Chinese herbal medicines such as argyi, Atractylodes macrocephala, Angelica dahurica and so on, so that it has the efficacy of disinfection, air purification, anti pollution and mosquito repellent. This method has a certain effect on purifying the living environment, so you can try it.

Seven. Realgar

Dry dampness and dispel wind, kill insects and detoxify. The study found that this product contains arsenic. If drinking realgar wine is equal to eating arsenic, you should drink it carefully.

In recent years, before and after the Dragon Boat Festival, there are usually sachets with beautiful shapes and fragrant fragrance for sale, which can wake up and refresh the mind, and are deeply loved by women.

However, it must be noted that most of the traditional sachets are made of traditional Chinese medicine and other incense, which is not suitable for pregnant women, especially for the early pregnancy three months before pregnancy.

Nowadays, some fashionable sachets are made by dripping natural essential oil or spices on dried flower slices. For people or children who are allergic to pollen and skin, it's better not to wear them.

Eight. Artemisia argyi leaves

It was found that fumigation with fresh wormwood leaf could kill Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus B haemolyticus, Escherichia coli and other bacteria. In addition, wormwood leaves have the functions of regulating qi and blood, cooling and dampness, warming meridians, hemostasis, etc.