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Who is Zhao Benshan's new boyfriend?

On the evening of November 11, Zhao Benshan's daughter Qiuqiu posted a video clip with a man on the social platform, with the following text: 'I admit that I am a very unruly and stupid child, but I am very happy that someone is willing to tolerate my willful act as my prince charming' open love. Zhao Benshan's daughter was suspected to have been in love with Tianyou before. This time, she announced her love in a high-profile way, and many netizens sent blessings.

On the night of June 11, Zhao Benshan's daughter Qiuqiu posted a video of herself and a strange man on the social platform, and used Prince Charming's words to announce a new love affair. For the new boyfriend of Qiuqiu, even the netizens can't say a word. Although it's not hard to see from the words of Qiuqiu, she depends on the man in particular, and confesses that the boyfriend's tolerance for herself makes her very tolerant Touched, some netizens said: how can not be inclusive?

The boyfriend who only saw the ball had a slightly fat face. Although he wore glasses to add a bit of artistic style, he was still ridiculed as a greasy uncle by many netizens. His face value was not half as high as that of God.

I'm sure you know more about the last love affair with the ball. Before the ball was with this man, he was once a couple of lovers with shouting McGonagall Tianyou. When the two people showed their love live on the Internet, many people envied him very much. They found such a big backer.