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Can the white insects in the arbutus be eaten? How to choose fresh bayberry?

bayberry is generally in the peak season around June. It's sweet and sour, and it's very popular with people. In fact, there are some white insects in bayberry, which can be seen with a dip of salt water. So can the white insects in the arbutus be eaten? It's said that it's a kind of high protein food, but it's estimated that few people can go down to the mouth. How to keep the fresh bayberry?

Can the worms in the arbutus eat it?

It can be eaten. The insect in the bayberry is the larva of the fruit fly whose eggs are hatched in the cherry. It is not only harmless to human body, but also rich in protein. It is edible and will not cause harm to human body.


The larva of Drosophila is different from the "maggot" in our common impression. It is close to the fly, but it is not a fly. It is a kind of fly that lives on mature fruit. It may appear on all kinds of mature fruits.

Drosophila parasitize in the fruits of plants and only move on the fruits. From birth to growth, the larvae are all in a pollution-free environment, with few pathogens. Therefore, they do not harm animals, let alone people.

Note: the arbutus that can soak worms proves that arbutus is relatively fresh. According to the response of netizens, many arbutus purchased in the supermarket can't soak worms at all. It should be refrigerated for too long, and the arbutus is not very fresh.

How to get rid of the bugs in Bayberry?

Although Drosophila is rich in protein, after all, eating insects makes most people feel sick and uncomfortable. I didn't know there were insects in them before. Now I know how to remove them. Method: soak the fresh bayberry in salt water for about 15 minutes, and then wash it with water.

Explanation: the insects can't stand the stimulation of salt water, and under the pressure of oxygen and pressure, they have to climb out.

Note: if you want to put the bought arbutus in the refrigerator, you should soak it in salt water first, and then put it again, because the insects will die in the low temperature, and then you can't bubble it in salt water.

How to choose fresh bayberry?

Look at the color: dark red, or too black red bayberry is best not to buy, blue, green red bayberry is not mature, should choose dried fruit surface, red bayberry color.

Touch by hand: if the red bayberry pulp is too soft, it is too mature. It's better not to buy it. But the meat is too hard, it is not fully mature, tastes sour and astringent, and the taste is not good. Waxberry with moderate soft and hardness is the best choice.

Look at the flesh: look at the flesh of Bayberry. There is a very obvious layer on the surface. The flesh of one grain should be protruded and not shriveled down. It's usually not fresh when it's deflated.

Tasting red bayberry: red bayberry is juicy, tender and sweet. There is no residue in the mouth after eating. Some of the field bayberry with poor quality is dry and astringent, with less juice at the entrance and residual residue after eating.

Smell of Bayberry: fresh bayberry smells fragrant. If it is stored for a long time or stored improperly, it may have a light wine taste. This indicates that bayberry has been fermented, has passed the best eating period, and affects the taste.