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Which tour is better after 2018 college entrance examination? Recommendation of the best route for c

The college entrance examination is over. For the candidates who have worked hard for a long time, it's a very good choice to go on a walk, so where to play after the college entrance examination? It's really good to decompress yourself after the college entrance examination.

Qingdao, Shandong

Qingdao's early summer is cool and pleasant, the sea breeze is blowing, and friends can enjoy traveling together. Here, you can go swimming in golden beach, watch the sunrise in Laoshan Mountain and explore the old house. You can also choose a comfortable and clean youth tour to live in a small building with your classmates. Party play, record the most beautiful youth. Facing the sea, spring blossoms!!

Gulangyu, Xiamen

It's better to stagger the peak of July and August in kulangsu, which is popular. It's neither hot nor crowded to travel in May and June. For you who just finished the exam, this is really no better. Rent a few bikes on Huandao Road, ride slowly along the seaside, watch the sunrise and sunset together, hope to remember your smiling face and innocent face when you were young years later.

Hongcun, Anhui

"I've been infatuated with Huizhou all my life.". Hongcun is known as "the village in the painting". Huizhou architecture is its characteristic. The Oscar winning movie crouching tiger, hidden dragon is also set here. For you, if you can have a romantic trip with your beloved one, it will make this summer more colorful.

Xitang, Zhejiang

Xitang, a picturesque water town. Duck soup, fried green beans, and a pot of yellow rice wine. When the wine is half full, stroll through the mossy slate Road, or take a boat with a black awning to cross a small bridge, feel the smoke and rain corridor, and what is a small bridge and flowing water family. Of course, you can take photos with your girlfriends and think about those years together with your "friends". The memory of your youth can also be so poetic.

Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia

"Let's live in the company of the world of mortals, gallop our horses and share the prosperity of the world. 'the sky is blue above the head, the grassland is green below the feet, and the melodious piano sound is in the ear. We can dance with our friends, sing to each other, and dance youth together. Watch the sunrise and sunset of grassland, set up tents, count stars, and sing hi songs to make youth last.

Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan

The thousands of colors of Jiuzhai must be felt only when you are in it. The so-called tree grows in the water, and the water swims in the forest, so you can't tell which is water and which is forest. The colorful pool is clear and mysterious; the waterfall flows into the lake, layer upon layer; in this movie like scenery, I chat with my friends for a leisurely walk, embrace the beautiful scenery, and dilute my sad parting feelings.

Dunhuang, Gansu

A few tense, a few expectations, you may need a magnificent landscape to encourage themselves, need a thick history to strong heart. Then you can choose to feel the huge impact brought by the magnificent scenery in the vast Gobi, and let the historic sites of thousands of years witness your youth.

Enshi, Hubei

An economical summer resort. It is suitable for the whole class to travel together. Visit Tusi City, eat new year's meat, drink, wave & hellip; & hellip; feel the smart western Hubei style. The Enshi Grand Canyon is famous for its precipitousness and clouds. It reminds people of the Mountain Ghost goddess in Qu Yuan's works. It's very exciting to walk on the high plank road. Let's go with the company!!

Jiangxi Mount Lu

"Kuang Lu is the best in the world". Mount Lu is an excellent summer resort. You can walk on the five old peaks and see the endless charm of Mount Lu. Conquer the hero slope, strengthen the body and show off the hero. Looking at the waterfall of Lushan Mountain, we have the feelings of poetry and immortality. 'I don't know the real face of Lushan Mountain, but I'm here.' let's visit Lushan Mountain and uncover his real face together!!

Guangxi Guilin

Guilin is a garden city without severe cold in winter and heat in summer. The transportation is convenient. You can stroll around Yangshuo and Lijiang River with your friends and ride on a bamboo raft. The water is rippling and the mountain is surrounded by fog. It is like being in a hundred Li Gallery, full of poetry and painting. Since ancient times, the landscape of Guilin has been the best in the world. Is it a tourist attraction that integrates the landscape of the world??

Hainan Sanya

At 18 degrees north latitude, Sanya is one of the most suitable places on the earth for vacation. Blue sky, sea, beach, coconut tree, sunshine... Let everyone's tense nerves be relieved; students have fun playing with water and barbecue. Take a group photo at the ends of the earth, understand that each has his own future, but friendship never ends.

HuGu lake at the junction of Yunnan and Sichuan

Go to Lugu Lake, sit beside this blue lake with friends, and look forward to a few months later, drag boxes into the campus, and start a wonderful university trip. Of course, you can also think of the smiling faces in the classroom from strangers to acquaintances; think of the night battle of light before the exam, and the laughter in the water room. A few years passed quickly. In this place with high clouds and light clouds, I was overwhelmed by memories.

Dali, Yunnan

A backpack, a SLR, a group of like-minded friends, in Dali, let the dream begin. Go to the ancient city to explore the charm of time. Take two or three days to surround Erhai Lake, see clouds rolling and clouds relaxing, listen to the sound of waves, let time linger and continue. I'm here with my classmates and wish for the future. Erhai Cangshan, stop and go, people at ease, pure heart!!

Disney Park

Graduation travel can also be very pure and naive. Take a group of friends and classmates, sit on Ferris wheel, play roller coaster, and dance with parade floats. This exciting and fun graduation trip is also quite novel. Everyone talks about childhood, dreams and graduation will not be too sad. Youth dream does not end. Now, of course, Disney has Shanghai and Hong Kong. Students can choose whether to go to Hong Kong or Shanghai according to their own situation. It is also an international metropolis, but it has its own characteristics!!

Taipei, Taiwan

This city, where fashion and tradition collide and merge, is very suitable for students with rich ideas to explore. Take photos with friends in Beitou hot spring in building 101, have dinner in Shilin Night Market, visit museum, experience the heat wave of concert and usher in tomorrow with laughter. Let's have a young journey full of vitality!