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Raise knowledge! How do high-speed rail drivers use the toilet when driving?

I remember that when Nanjing just opened the high-speed railway around 2010, the media were more interested in everything about the high-speed railway. In an interview of experiencing the high-speed railway, a media colleague asked the driver how to use the toilet. Do you know how high-speed rail drivers use the toilet? The process was quite difficult.

At that time, an old driver less than 40 years old drove a normal car for many years. His answer at that time basically summed up two points: 1. Drink as little water as possible before getting on the car and empty the memory. 2. Bear as long as you can. When it is urgent to solve the problem, you should take advantage of the gap between stops and cooperate with colleagues.

The high-speed railway is a big guy with a strong sense of science and technology. It has realized automatic driving, but the responsibility of high-speed railway drivers is still very important. Because many high-speed railways only have one driver, and the speed is very fast, so the drivers in the cab can not rest all the way.

High speed rail drivers are related to the life safety of a car driver. All the work requirements are very strict. Generally, each person can drive no more than four hours at a time. Before getting on the train, they have to pass alcohol test, etc. and the whole driving process is recorded. After driving, upload the recording and have a special person listen back to see if there is any violation.

What's more, many people know that for the sake of high-speed rail drivers not dozing, there is a pedal under the bridge, which should be stepped on every 30 seconds, otherwise the train will start the alarm and self-protection measures. When passing some signs such as bridges and culverts, the drivers of high-speed railway shall make corresponding actions and shout out corresponding slogans.

Back to the driver mentioned at the beginning, he said in the face of interview that generally, they can do not go to the toilet for three or four hours. If they really need to go to the toilet, they should first call the large interphone to report to the dispatching room, and then contact the conductor and the mechanic through the small interphone. The conductor will arrange people to vacate the toilet in the nearest carriage from the cab until the train is ready After the car is in progress, the machinist comes to the cab to watch, and the driver goes to the toilet as soon as possible. Because the whole process is rather troublesome, and even the teachers are mobilized, they will be prepared before getting on the bus, and try not to go to the toilet after getting on the bus.