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Dragon Boat Festival can compete for 9 days

The Dragon Boat Festival holiday is coming. As the railway department has recently gradually tried out the policy of "one day one price" for train tickets, people who are going to travel will have to consider how to spell out the holiday. Dragon Boat Festival is a new way to compete for holiday, so how to compete for holiday? Follow Xiaobian to learn about it.

In this way, the Dragon Boat Festival can take nine days off

This year's Dragon Boat Festival is from June 16 to 18, a total of three days. As long as you can take 4 days off from the 19th to the 22nd, you can take 9 days off for Dragon Boat Festival.

What if you can't ask for leave? Don't worry, there's another 'spell out leave' scheme: apply to the leader for overtime work on weekends (9-10 days), and then take 5-day long leave by using the "make-up" holiday.

If you work 8 hours a day, you can take 1 day off for 8 hours overtime, and you can take 2 days off for 16 hours overtime. Even if you can't ask for leave, the 3-day holiday of Dragon Boat Festival plus the supplementary holidays on the 19th and 20th can also make up a 5-day long holiday. It is worth noting that the specific overtime compensatory time length needs to refer to the specific regulations of the company.

There is a discount for buying train tickets when traveling in cross peak

In the near future, the railway department will gradually try out "one day one price" for train tickets, and will reduce the ticket prices of 28 intercity railway trains, with a discount of 20% for some lines. During the Dragon Boat Festival, you can choose a small partner to travel by train, which can reduce the travel cost.

Take the departure from Shanghai as an example, the Sino Singapore Jingwei client (WeChat public number: jwview) inquires about the 12306 official website found that Shanghai, Beijing, Shanghai Wuhan, Shanghai Chengdu, Shanghai Nanjing, Shanghai Shanghai and other routes are part of the train trips, the same line and time are separated by only 4 days, and the train fare has a price difference of 130-260 yuan.