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Can the white insects in the arbutus eat it? How long can a bayberry worm bubble out?

Arbutus is a very delicious fruit, but many people are far away from arbutus because there are white insects in it. How can the white insects in arbutus come out? Can the insects in arbutus be soaked in salt water?

Why there are insects in bayberry is related to its fruit characteristics. In the fruit of bayberry, what we eat is the soft and juicy tissue formed by the columnar process of the outer cell of the exocarp, a derivative of the exocarp. In other words, the edible part of bayberry is the outermost layer of the fruit, and there is no pericarp outside to protect it. Therefore, insects can easily invade the fruit to lay eggs.

Fruits like bayberry are not common in the fruit industry. Other fruits are not as serious as bayberry, though they can also produce insects because of the protection of the peel. Another kind of cup fruit is fig, which has a hole on the surface and goes straight to the interior, so it is as weak as bayberry in defense. There is a banyan wasp that often penetrates its interior.

The larva of fruit fly is the main insect in Bayberry. Fruit flies lay their eggs when the bayberry ripens and softens. Raw bayberry cannot be the food of fruit flies. The larva of Drosophila is not particularly toxic. If it is eaten carelessly, it will not be too harmful.

How long can a bayberry worm bubble out?

Don't put it in the refrigerator after buying it. Soak it in salt water for 10-20 minutes, and the insects will swim out automatically. If you put it in the refrigerator first, the insects will freeze to death, even if they can't bubble out. Wait for the insects to float out and then pour them out. Then put some water and a spoonful of raw meal again. Put the bayberry into the water and shake it. The dirt will be washed out slowly. After pouring it out and passing the water, you can eat it at ease.

How to keep bayberry?

Then you can put the bayberry on the air rack and dry it naturally. Divide the bayberry into small hollowed out baskets. Each basket can be about 0.5kg. Put it in the refrigerator or in a ventilated place.

It can also be made into dried bayberry. First, pickle the bayberry with salt. After the water comes out, put it in the sun for half a month. The sour bayberry can be added with licorice powder. Once dried, red bayberry can be eaten and stored in sealed glass cans. You can eat it anytime, anywhere.