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How to eat bayberry tooth to be done by acid? How to deal with Myrica too sour?

Sweet and sour arbutus is very appetizing. Adults and children like to eat it, but if they don't eat a few of them, their teeth will be sour. Why are arbutus teeth sour? What about arbutus teeth?

Because arbutus rich in organic acids, eat more will naturally sour teeth. Not only arbutus, all the acidic fruits are easy to 'sour teeth'. Of course, there is also a factor, is their own tooth nerve is more sensitive, not able to withstand the stimulation of acid food.

What to do if you eat arbutus with sour teeth

Arbutus is relatively sour. Some people will have sore teeth after eating arbutus, which is so soft that they can't even bite tofu. What should I do? Generally, I don't need treatment, such as this:

1. Chewing tea after eating bayberry can reduce the pain of teeth. Because of the high fluorine content in tea, tea is alkaline, which can inhibit the decrease of calcium in human body, and is beneficial to prevent caries, protect teeth and firm teeth.

2. It can be rinsed directly with tea, which contains many alkaloids that are beneficial to people and can effectively neutralize the organic acids in Bayberry. The tea for rinsing should contain more for a period of time.

3. Touch your teeth directly with toothpaste, and rinse your mouth in a few minutes.

4. It's OK to rinse your mouth with milk, or just have a meal.

4. In addition, try to chew some walnuts before eating bayberry, stay in the mouth for a while, and then eat bayberry, the teeth will not be easy to sour.

How to deal with myricetic acid

Use salt water or salt powder to sprinkle directly, the taste will be better, can go acid, more can disinfect. Or soak in salt water for a while. Salt can make sour bayberry taste less sour. You can also consider red bayberry wine, or make a special drink, you can add honey or sugar to make it sweet and delicious.

Note that some people think it's wrong to put some sugar in the red bayberry when it's sour. You can't put sugar in the arbutus. The taste of arbutus is gone.