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Why not buy a house on the top floor? These tears and blood experience tell you

Buying a house involves choosing a floor. A common sense is that the top floor is not good. Never buy a house. So you know what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a house to buy a top floor? Buying a house is a more prudent issue, so we must consider all aspects comprehensively.

Disadvantages of buying a top floor

1、 Hot in summer, cold in winter

In summer, the top floor has a large area of direct sunlight, and the heat radiates downward, causing the room to be stuffy in the high temperature. There was a friend who lived on the top floor before. It was called "deep water and hot water".

As for how hot the top floor is, it depends on the quality of the project and the building. It is also important to have a transparent house type. In addition, families now have heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. Living on the top floor will consume more electricity and water.

2、 Easy to seep

The taboo of the top floor is poor waterproof performance. If there is a problem with the building quality, the top floor is most prone to water seepage and cracks. However, if it is a regular developer's house, it is not likely to leak at first, and it is unlikely to leak in the future.

3、 Travel inconvenience

If there is an old man at home, it's better not to buy the top floor. The old man has some trouble taking the elevator. In case of power failure or elevator failure, the trip will be paralyzed. For ordinary people, it's quite hard to climb the building.

4、 Insufficient water pressure

Because the top floor is high, the water pressure will be slightly insufficient, and the flow of tap water will be small, which may affect the ignition of the gas water heater, or even stop the water.

5、 Inconvenient escape

If there is a fire, the top floor must not escape as fast as the first floor, which is a fact. And the hot gas and fire are generally rising, which is relatively dangerous.

6、 Thin air

The air on the top floor is relatively thin, and people with some diseases are prone to produce uncomfortable symptoms, especially those with chronic bronchitis, heart disease, angina pectoris and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In addition, from a psychological point of view, people who live at a high level tend to have a feeling of "unstable foundation" and often feel depressed.

However, the advantages of living on the top floor are also obvious:

1. With wide vision, you can 'see all the mountains and small ones', which makes people feel comfortable;

2. Sufficient lighting and ventilation, the higher the floor, the better the lighting;

3. It's quieter. There's no noise upstairs;

4. Good privacy, no one will walk around in front of the door;

5. There are few mosquitoes. Cockroaches and mice can't climb so high;

6. Sometimes generous developers will send a small loft. However, it's not easy to sell the top floor. In order to promote sales, developers have come up with a way to buy the top floor and send it to the loft. Don't think that they have picked up a big bargain. If the loft design is not practical, narrow and dark, and poor ventilation, it's better not to.

How to choose the top floor?

1. Check the configuration of fire fighting facilities;

2. Looking at the roof, the slope roof has good heat insulation and waterproof effect;

3. See if the design structure and materials of the top floor meet the relevant building standards;

4. Look at the water pressure. Now, the water will be discharged to the top floor to check directly, and the developer is required to provide water pipe materials and other information for the phase building;

5. Check for water seepage and drainage after rainy days. Now the building in the rain after an hour to the top floor to see how little water, methods can be used in spring and summer. In autumn and winter, pour more water on the roof to see if there is leakage and if the drainage is smooth.

How to choose the floor for buying a house has been analyzed in detail by Mr. Duojun before. For details, I don't know how to choose the floor for buying a house. The tips are all here

Considering all factors, the best floor is 1 / 3-2 / 3 of the building.