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What's the date of Dragon Boat Festival 2018? The customs of Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, also known as Dragon Boat Festival, noon day, May Festival, etc.; Dragon Boat Festival is the traditional festival of the Han people in China to commemorate Qu Yuan, which has long been popular among the people of our country, so what are the customs of Dragon Boat Festival? Let's go with the small compilation of

1. Hang herbs, mugwort, calamus and banyan branches. There are other reasons for hanging wormwood, calamus (Pujian), pomegranate and garlic at the gate of the festival. Usually hang wormwood, Acorus calamus, Ficus branch, Ficus and Acorus calamus in a bunch of red paper, and then insert or hang them on the door. Because the head of five auspicious in Acorus calamus is a symbol of expelling the ominous sword. Because the growing season and shape are regarded as feeling the "hundred Yin Qi", the leaves are sword shaped, which can be inserted in the door to avoid evil.

2. Dragon Boat Race and sacrifice to Qu Yuan and Cao E. When rowing dragon boats, there are many dragon boat songs that sing for fun. For example, when the dragon boat was rowed in Zigui, Hubei Province, there was a complete singing voice, which was composed of local folk songs and bugles. The singing voice was magnificent and exciting, that is, the style of "bowing to each other and holding hands together". Another example is the Dragon Boat Song of Nanxiong County in Guangdong Province, which is sung from April when the dragon boat is launched to the end of the Dragon Boat Festival, with a wide range of performance contents.

3. Jump Zhong Kui, Nao Zhong Kui: since the Jin Dynasty, jump Zhong Kui, Nao Zhong Kui, bless zhenzhai is an important part of the Dragon Boat Festival and the Spring Festival. Zhong Kui holds the sword to dispel evils and hangs the painting of Zhong Kui. The earliest Zhong Kui painting is said to have originated from the painter Wu Daozi

4. Dou Cao was not seen before Han Dynasty. (middot; Shangbinghe) there is no examination of its origin, which is generally believed to be related to the emergence of traditional Chinese medicine. In ancient times, ancestors lived a monotonous life and entertained themselves with fighting insects, grass and animals in their spare time.

5. Eat zongzi, 'zongzi incense, fragrant kitchen. Wormwood leaves are fragrant. Peach branches are planted in the gate, and when I go out, I look at wheat. Here is Duanyang, there is Duanyang, everywhere is Duanyang. This is a popular ballad about the Dragon Boat Festival. On the whole, people from all over the country have the same custom of celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival, while eating zongzi on the Dragon Boat Festival is the same all over China.

6. The custom of drinking realgar wine and Dragon Boat Festival was once very popular in the Yangtze River Basin. As the old saying goes, "when you drink realgar wine, you will go away.".