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Three meals a day for college entrance examination

During the college entrance examination, parents attach great importance to the three meals a day. Nutritious food is the most basic. The three meals a day for the college entrance examination are very important for the nutrition supplement of examinees. Therefore, we must not be careless. What's good to eat during the college entrance examination? Follow Xiaobian to find out.

Three meals a day during college entrance examination


Breakfast recipe recommendation 1: porridge with grains (rice + beans), steamed bun with vegetables and meat, egg, milk or soymilk, apple.

Breakfast recipe recommendation 2: egg noodles (egg, noodles, vegetables), yogurt, apple.

Breakfast recipe recommendation 3: fried rice flour (rice flour, lean meat, bean sprouts), milk or soymilk, bananas.

Three meals a day during college entrance examination

Main food: steamed bread, flower roll, fried rice, noodles, etc.

Meat dishes: steamed fish, salted shrimp, spareribs with plum sauce, spiced beef, shredded pork with lettuce, sliced pork with peppers, scrambled tomato with eggs, fried shrimp with zucchini, stewed mushroom with sliced pork with tofu, etc.

Vegetable: stir fried dried walnut and yam, braised bean curd with cabbage, stir fried shredded mushroom and carrot, cold mixed Lily and broccoli, stir fried kelp and green bean sprout, stir fried lily with celery, etc.

Soup: pork ribs and white gourd soup, tomato and egg soup, laver soup, kelp mushroom and chicken soup, etc.

Matching principle: 150-200g main food, 3-4 dishes with meat and vegetable, 1 soup, and some fruit.

Recommended three meals a day during college entrance examination: Dinner

Main food: steamed bread, soft rice, steamed bun, corn flour, white flour, bean flour, cake, etc.

Meat dishes: braised fish, fried chicken with scallion, beef fillet with celery or shrimp, minced meat and tofu.

Vegetable: cauliflower with fungus, shredded potato with green peppers, green vegetables with mushrooms, eggplant with mixture, cashew with towel gourd and bamboo fungus, asparagus and Lily, etc.

Soup: white gourd soup, Haimi cauliflower soup, pickled vegetable soup, mushroom soup, etc.

Matching principle: 100-150g main food, 3-4 dishes with meat and vegetable, 1 soup, and some fruit.

Diet precautions for college entrance examination students

1. Diversified diet. Don't overeat cold and liquid foods due to hot weather, so as to avoid abdominal pain and diarrhea caused by gastrointestinal tract stimulation. Parents can make mung bean soup for their children to quench their thirst. Change the way of cooking to process staple food and non-staple food, add some fresh fruits and vegetables to enhance students' appetite, so as to ensure adequate nutrition.

2. Eat moderately. It's wrong to think that we should eat more if we consume more. The brain of the examinee consumes glucose during study. If a large amount of food is consumed, the blood will be transferred to the stomach for digestion. At this time, the brain is prone to sleepiness due to insufficient blood supply, which will affect the state of entrance examination and learning efficiency. So dinner to let candidates eat well, plus meal as long as prepare some fruit or a few biscuits can.

3. Light and less exciting. Such a diet is conducive to the students' body water and acid-base balance, not easy to cause gastrointestinal symptoms. It is better not to eat spicy oil, fried food, frozen watermelon, etc.

4. Keep fresh and avoid leftovers. In summer, leftovers are easy to be contaminated by Staphylococcus. To avoid food poisoning caused by ingestion of food contaminated by bacteria, we should try to ensure the freshness and hygiene of food.

5. Meat and vegetable are well matched. The ingenious combination of meat dishes and vegetable dishes is more nutritious and beneficial to absorption than a single variety.

6. Drink plenty of boiled water. Candidates should drink more water before the exam. Every day, 1500-2000 ml of water should be guaranteed. It is forbidden to drink drinks instead of water. It is better to drink boiled water, mineral water and purified water. Enough water ensures a smooth circulation of blood so that the oxygen needed for brain work can be supplied in time. Some sugary drinks should not be eaten before eating. It is easy to feel full, which is not good for eating. Candidates can drink some tea and coffee before the exam, but it must not be too strong. Strong tea and strong coffee have an exciting effect, which will backfire and affect sleep quality.

What can't I eat the day before the college entrance examination

1. No smoking and drinking before college entrance examination

As a senior high school student, they should not drink or smoke, which will affect the body. However, before the college entrance examination, because of the high pressure, students need to find ways to reduce the pressure. Some students will use smoking and drinking to reduce the pressure, which is not correct. Alcohol will affect the nerves, speed up the blood flow, especially before the college entrance examination, which may affect the performance of the examination. Therefore, drinking and smoking are not allowed before the college entrance examination.

2. Don't eat spicy food before college entrance examination

Before the college entrance examination, the most worrying thing is to have a tummy, so you should not eat raw and cold spicy food, such as ice cream, cold dishes, spicy dishes, etc. because of the hot weather in summer, it is hot inside the body. If you eat cold food suddenly, it will cause gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea and other diseases, affecting the exam.

3. Don't eat too much meat before college entrance examination

Before the exam, many parents want to make up for their children and make a lot of meat and meat dishes, but most of them are greasy and not easy to digest. Before the college entrance exam, they mainly eat light vegetables and try not to change the dishes frequently, so as not to cause maladjustment.

4. Don't drink a lot of coffee and tea before the college entrance examination

Before the test, try not to drink with caffeine, not too strong, coffee will make people excited, affect sleep at night, will appear frequency of urination, affect the normal play of candidates.

5. Eat less diuretic fruit before college entrance examination

During the college entrance examination, watermelon and cantaloupe are in the mature season, but the examinee can't eat too much. Watermelon and cantaloupe are diuretic fruits. If you eat too much, you will go to the toilet frequently, which will affect the examinee's performance and delay the time. Moreover, these two kinds of fruits will easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Therefore, parents should not eat too much diuretic fruits for their children before the exam.