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Can I wear school uniform in the college entrance examination? Precautions for wearing clothes in co

In general, college entrance examination is not allowed to wear uniforms. Wearing school uniform will be suspected of disclosing school information to examiners, and will be regarded as cheating. So during the college entrance examination, it's better to wear simple clothes as much as possible. Girls should not wear bras with steel rings, or they will be very embarrassed!

Can I wear a uniform for the college entrance examination?

According to the regulations of the school of education and examination, students are not allowed to wear clothes with metal objects, letters and characters, and school uniforms on the day of college entrance examination.

Why can't the college entrance examination wear uniforms (this belongs to cheating: passing messages to the invigilators), some places will reveal that they are forbidden to wear uniforms in places where there is a suspicion of cheating.

You can't wear clothes with letters (in English test) if you only have that kind of clothes, you need to have the invigilator paste the letters on your clothes with paper before the test

Candidates are advised not to wear necklaces, bracelets and other metal products. In addition, some clothes with metal accessories should not be worn, so as not to delay the security inspection time and affect the examination.

What kind of clothes do you wear for college entrance examination? Cotton clothes are better. It is suggested to wear loose clothes. During the college entrance examination, the weather is hot. The best choice for examinees is to choose cool and sweat absorbing cotton clothes or clothes they usually like, which will help ease their mood. It's better not to wear new clothes during the exam, because new clothes may cause temporary maladjustment and distraction to some extent