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What are the precautions for the first flight?

Aircraft is a relatively fast way of transportation. More and more people choose the fast and convenient aircraft as the preferred means of transportation. But for those who haven't flown before, the first flight will inevitably be full of apprehension. So what's the specific process of the first flight? Let's follow Xiaobian to understand it.

Flight schedule

1、 First of all, you need to buy air tickets first. The ways to buy air tickets include online, telephone, on-site, etc. The process of buying air tickets, baidu experience is sure to be able to search. It is generally recommended to purchase tickets on the official websites of airlines.

2、 After buying the tickets, the next day is waiting for the departure. Try to go to the airport as early as possible. It's your first time now. It's more important to go two hours earlier. Just in case.

3、 After arriving at the airport, the general airport will provide an entrance for each airline, which will be written in large letters, brighten your eyes and find the airline entrance.

4、 Pick up the ticket, 1. Find the airline service desk to pick up the ticket, 2. Directly find the self-service ticket machine to pick up the ticket. If you need reimbursement voucher, you can take your ID card and air ticket to the counter.

5、 Check in. When the items you carry are too large or heavy, you need to check in by air. Find the check-in counter and line up. Less than 20 kg should be free. If you don't have much luggage, of course this step will be omitted.

6、 Security check. After handling the consignment, you can start to prepare for the security check. Generally, the airport has domestic security check and international flight security check, and find the corresponding security check port. Take your ID card, and go to the airport.

Note: water, drinks, lighters and other items are not allowed to be taken on the plane.

7、 After the security check, you are not far from the boarding, corresponding to the gate number on your ticket, find the gate, waiting.

8、 Wait for the boarding time to arrive, line up before check-in, to the plane, find your seat, fasten your seat belt. Get ready to enjoy the air!