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What should I do during the college entrance examination? Can you delay menstruation by taking contr

In the annual college entrance examination season, girls have a lot of troubles. What should I do in the physiological period of college entrance examination? If I don't want to take the regular leave during the college entrance examination, I can also postpone my menstruation by the way of drug regulation, so for many girls, the pressure should not be too high.

1. The answer is not feasible!

First of all, contraceptives are estrogen drugs. It's harmful to the body to take them once or twice occasionally. It's very difficult to cure them if they cause physiological disorder and more serious endocrine disorder in the later period. Endocrine disorders will lead to various diseases, the most common blood sugar imbalance, and infertility and other common diseases, will also make people plump, and will also affect people's mood. So it is not feasible to delay menstruation by taking contraceptives in college entrance examination!

2, the college entrance examination meets the menstrual period, please tune in advance.

Some people will ask, since the college entrance examination can't be delayed by taking medicine in the menstrual period, how should we deal with it? After all, the college entrance examination is very important, and it can't affect the final result because of some reasons! In fact, most girls are worried about the physiological phenomenon of abdominal pain and other ten points discomfort when the college entrance examination is in the physiological period, so they are afraid that these reasons will affect their own examination. Then we have to adjust for these reasons.

3. Dysmenorrhea can be treated!

Many people say that they are born with dysmenorrhea, and it is useless to take any medicine. In fact, it is not necessary for us to take medicine. There are many methods that need to be insisted on for a long time, and they will surely be effective!

(1) Refuse frozen food

First of all, there is more than one month to the college entrance examination. In this more than one month, you girls (including girls without dysmenorrhea) who have dysmenorrhea symptoms should not eat a piece of ice or drink a mouthful of ice water. Cold water can be appropriate;

(2) Don't catch cold

Moreover, although the weather is very hot, you must cover the quilt when you sleep at night, and you must not freeze your feet!

(3) smoked AI

The medicine should be used properly. If people are serious, they can buy some moxa sticks to smoke at home. Moxa has the effect of warming the meridians and removing moisture. So this season, moxa smoking is killing two birds with one stone.

(4) brown sugar water

After these three steps, most people stick to it for a month and it will have obvious effect. If there are still some dysmenorrhea symptoms at that time, it will be much less than before. So, if you prepare some brown sugar water before the test, it won't work out.