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How much water is better for passion fruit? A detailed explanation of the brewing method of passion

Baixiangguo is not only nutritious, but also has many ways to eat. It can directly eat, squeeze juice, make tea and drink water. Baixiangguo is a good way to drink water, which is not only simple but also can retain a full range of nutrients. Many people like to drink it with passion fruit. Do you know whether it's better to use warm water or boiled water?

Can passion fruit be soaked in boiling water

Don't flush with boiling water. Because passion fruit is rich in protein, boiling water will cause protein denaturation, loss of many nutrients, unable to achieve nutritional efficacy. Besides, soaking passion fruit in hot water will make the juice more sour.

Eating passion fruit can increase the sense of stomach fullness, reduce the intake of extra calories, and absorb organic molecules such as cholesterol and bile, so as to inhibit the absorption of fat by human body. Therefore, long-term consumption is conducive to improving the structure of human nutrition absorption, reducing body fat and shaping a healthy and beautiful body.

How to drink passion fruit in water

Raw materials: passion fruit and honey


1. Cut the passion fruit with a knife;

2. Spoon out the seeds and juice of passion fruit and put them into the cup;

3. Add a little honey into the cup, soak in cold boiling water, stir well, and sprinkle with mint leaves.

How many degrees of blister is suitable for passion fruit

It is suggested that the water temperature for brewing passion fruit should be controlled at about 60 ℃ without damaging the nutrition of the fruit.

Baixiangguo is the best choice for roundness, because the shape of baixiangguo is almost round. If it's strange, it's not suitable to buy it. It's possible to use hormone and other unnatural mature fruits for ripening.

In addition, the surface of mature passion fruit is gradually green and red, which is more and more obvious. You should buy it. After you buy it and put it at home for a period of time, the peel will be sunken, and the pulp will be more sweet.