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How to keep the fresh bayberry? Sharing of preservation skills of Bayberry

When it comes to the market, there are many small partners who like to buy bayberry. But gradually found that in fact, the shelf life of fresh bayberry is very short, it is easy to deteriorate, so how to preserve the fresh bayberry? Follow the small editor to learn about it.

How should red bayberry keep fresh?


The red purple fruit with hard pulp, bright fruit surface and varietal characteristics was selected. In the process of selection, we should take care to avoid the rupture of sacculus, and remove the mechanical damage, moldy fruit and too large and too small fruit.

Pre cooling after harvest

Myrica rubra belongs to the fruit with delicate tissue, high nutritional value and short life after harvest. In order to keep its fresh characteristics and extend its shelf life, it needs rapid precooling. Precooling is best carried out in the producing area. It can quickly remove the field heat in the fruit and reduce the respiratory intensity.

Warm storage

The optimum storage temperature and relative humidity of Myrica rubra were about 0 ℃ and 90% ~ 95%. At low temperature, if the polyethylene plastic film is used for small packaging, the storage period can be prolonged by using the effect of spontaneous air conditioning. If the storage temperature of fruit is higher than 3 ℃, it is easy to cause microbial diseases.

High concentration carbon dioxide treatment

15% carbon dioxide was used to treat the fruit for 2 hours, then the container was opened to make it return to normal pressure, put it into plastic film bag, and stored at 0 ℃, which had a good effect on inhibiting the fruit rot and browning.

Fruit soaking in solution

After 5 minutes of vacuum infiltration with 3% calcium chloride solution, it was packed with plastic film and stored at 0 ℃.

Controlled atmosphere storage

Under the condition of 0 ℃, using 5% oxygen and 10% carbon dioxide to store for about 15 days can keep good fruit quality.

Quick freezing storage

Because the sacs of the edible part of Bayberry are elastic and there are many pores on the top of the free end, it is easy to keep the intact structure in the process of thawing, so the quick freezing preservation method can be used. The specific process is as follows: raw material & rarr; fruit selection and grading & rarr; cleaning & rarr; cooling & rarr; quick freezing for 1 minute in - 25 ~ 30 ℃ Environment & rarr; bagging & rarr; - 18 ℃ cold storage. Thaw with vitamin C solution when eating.

How long can arbutus be preserved? Put a large amount of fine salt and a small amount of white sugar in a large plate or washbasin. After putting the clean bayberry in, shake the plate constantly to make each bayberry stick as much salt and sugar as possible. Then put the waxberry with salt and sugar in the thick food packaging bag and bury it in the soil. If you have a small yard in your house, it's very convenient to bury it. It's really not good to bury it in a larger outdoor flowerpot.

Burying the wrapped bayberry in the soil is actually a fermentation process, depending on the humidity and temperature. It takes about 20 days less, 30 days more, and then it is taken out for drying - generally speaking, if the temperature and humidity are high, the burying time in the soil can be less. However, it is difficult to master the fermentation temperature. This method is recommended to be used with caution.

Frozen bayberry, frozen bayberry operation is relatively simple. Wash the fresh Bayberry and put it into the plastic bag of food. Then seal it and put it in the freezer. It's better to freeze the arbutus into ice. Local fruit farmers in Cixi say frozen arbutus can be eaten until winter and will be sweeter than fresh arbutus.

Soak in Yangmei wine, clean the fresh Yangmei, dry the water stains naturally, then put the wine and Yangmei together into the container according to the proportion of 1 jin of Yangmei and 4 to 5 jin of white wine, and then seal them. To make red bayberry liquor, we must have a high alcohol level. Generally speaking, the alcohol level should be above 45 degrees. Red Bayberry and white wine can be eaten after 20 days in a closed container. The wine can be drunk directly, and the arbutus soaked in the wine for more than 20 days can also be eaten directly.

Tips for keeping Bayberry

Soak bayberry wine

After the fresh bayberry is cleaned, the excess water will be dried naturally. Then, according to the ratio of 1 jin of Bayberry and 4 to 5 jin of white wine, the Bayberry and the wine will be put into the container and sealed for preservation. To soak the wine of bayberry, you can choose the general distiller's grain or rice wine.

Red Bayberry and wine can be drunk after 20 days in a sealed container. Wine and soaked bayberry can be eaten directly. It's hot in the sun. Drink some red bayberry wine to quench thirst and appetizer.

Making dried Bayberry

It is also a good choice to make dried bayberry from unfinished bayberry. It can not only be used as snacks, but also achieve the purpose of preservation.