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Are there any parasites in Bayberry? How to clean bayberry?

Myrica rubra is a kind of fruit with high nutritional value. It is rich in cellulose, minerals, vitamins, protein, fat, pectin and 8 kinds of amino acids which are beneficial to human body. But because it's troublesome to clean the arbutus, and many people are afraid that there are parasites in the arbutus, do you know how to clean the arbutus?

Effect and function of Bayberry

Myrica rubra has many functions and effects. It can promote the body fluid to quench thirst, invigorate the spleen and appetizer. Eating more will not hurt the spleen and stomach, but also has the effect of detoxification and cold dispelling. The red bayberry wine soaked in red bayberry, which is drunk in midsummer, will make people feel comfortable and refreshing, and relieve the heat and tiredness. Arbutus has astringent effect. When diarrhea occurs, you can take arbutus to boil into a thick soup and drink it to stop diarrhea. In addition, Myrica rubra also has the functions of cold resistance, diuresis, cholera prevention and control, and has the reputation of "agate in fruit".

There are many cracks on the surface of bayberry, which is easy to accumulate dust, and there are some small insects in it, so it must be cleaned before eating. But red bayberry pulp is soft and easy to damage. It's a bit troublesome to clean. How can red bayberry be cleaned?

[waxberry cleaning method]

1. Put the arbutus in a large bowl, then pour in water to cover all the arbutus, then add some salt to soak. Salt water of sufficient concentration can drive away the insects in the arbutus, and it can also kill bacteria. How much salt is suitable? If you pour in a liter of water, put at least two tablespoons of salt, and soak for 20-30 minutes. After soaking, rinse with water.

2. Prepare a fruit and vegetable cleaning machine, which can kill the bacteria on the arbutus, and degrade pesticides, convenient and fast.

3. The use of fruit and vegetable cleaning agents is also a good way to kill bacteria and pesticides. But the fruit and vegetable cleaning agent will inevitably contain chemical components, so after use, we must use clear water to wash the bayberry.

4. Soak the arbutus in clear water, and then stir it with the index finger in the same direction, so that the denser substance in the gap of the arbutus will run into the water. It should be noted that the agitation should not be too strong or disorderly, otherwise it is easy to damage the skin of bayberry, so it is not delicious.

5. You can also use starch solution or baking soda to clean bayberry. If you don't have any of these two things at home, you can use flour solution instead. Soak all the arbutus in the flour solution, and stir it with your fingers. The dirt or big insects will come out. Then filter out the arbutus and wash it with water.