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How does stepmother strangle her third daughter? What's the grudge, what's the grudge

An 18-year-old junior high school girl was strangled by her stepmother when she quarreled with her. It's bloody. What's the hatred and resentment that led her stepmother to do this? Follow Xiaobian to find out the truth.

On the evening of May 31, the reporter of Modern Express learned from Lianyungang Guanyun police that after fighting for 48 hours continuously and running over two provinces and four cities, Lianyungang Guanyun police arrested Yang Yuling (female, 42 years old, from Sihong County), the criminal suspect of intentional homicide, who had fled for 5 days.

So far, this shocking 5.29 intentional homicide case has been solved.

The video of the case was widely circulated on the Internet. Video shows that the scene of the crime is a two-story building, the first floor is a small shop, surrounded by wheat fields. Police cordon up, a number of police officers at the scene of investigation. Surrounded by onlookers, we can hear someone say angrily from the voice over: stepmother killed the child!

The reporter of Modern Express learned that the girl killed was a senior three student and her stepmother was the murderer. After the girl was killed, there were many rumors on the Internet, and there were many arguments about the cause of her death. However, the final police report confirmed that the main reason why the girl was killed was due to family conflicts. And after the crime, the murderer absconded immediately. Later, the murdered girl didn't go to school, so everyone began to look for her. Finally, three days later, the body of the girl was found at home.

According to the police, at about 10:00 on May 29, dongwangji police station of Guanyun County Public Security Bureau received a homicide report. After the crime, the public security organs of Lianyungang City and Guanyun County attached great importance to it, quickly launched the mechanism of homicide investigation, and dispatched competent forces to set up a task force to carry out the investigation. After careful investigation, the suspect Yang was finally arrested in Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province.

According to the preliminary examination, the suspect Yang said that on the night of the 26th, due to family conflicts, she had a fierce quarrel with the deceased Wang Yulian (female, 18 years old, a middle school student in Guanyun), strangled him in a fight, and then absconded overnight.

At present, the case is under further investigation.