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How can parents reduce pressure for their children before college entrance examination? 2018 college

Close to the college entrance examination, many students will be nervous and stressed before the college entrance examination, and even there will be emotional anxiety and boredom. Do you know how to decompress properly before the college entrance examination? The college entrance examination is important, but compared with the course of life, it's just a small matter, so it's best to treat it with ordinary heart.

What kind of decompression food to eat before college entrance examination

High quality protein food

Protein is an indispensable nutritional element for the body. Near the college entrance examination, it is easy to suffer from insomnia due to its high psychological pressure. The supplement of high-quality protein can prevent insomnia, such as milk, eggs, lean meat, soybean food, etc.

Nut food

Nuts are rich in B vitamins, which can help to restore physical strength. Secondly, nuts are rich in fatty acids and amino acids, which can help to restore energy and improve memory. At the same time, B vitamins also have the effect of relieving pressure, so they are very healthy to eat.


College entrance examination period is the hottest period of the year, during which the human body consumption of water is relatively large. A person's memory will be affected if they don't take enough water. Therefore, we must pay attention to drink more water, at least to ensure that 1200 ml of water is taken in one day.

Antioxidant food

Before the college entrance examination, we can appropriately increase some foods containing antioxidants, so as to reduce the damage of free period to human memory. For example, in our daily life, we often eat soybeans, spinach, grapes, etc., which are among the antioxidants.

The performance of high pressure in college entrance examination

This kind of psychology is manifested in some examinations and ordinary behaviors. For example, when answering questions in an exam, I always feel that time is not enough, and I worry about answering the wrong questions, even when the questions are simple, I will have these worries; when I eat, I am in a hurry and swallow the whole thing; when I walk, I am tight and open, I am always afraid of wasting a little time; when I worry about the exam is not ideal, I often have the idea of "what should I do if I fail in the college entrance examination"; sometimes I feel that sleeping is a waste of time, and so on.

Sleep at night is not good, long-term insomnia has become a "close partner" of many senior three students. Sleep at night is not good, food is tasteless during the day, drowsiness in class is its vivid portrayal. This is a typical insomnia symptom caused by pressure. Severe insomnia will form 'stubborn insomnia'. If it is not adjusted as soon as possible, it may accompany it for a lifetime.

The interpersonal relationship is tense, and it's difficult to communicate with others. Some students say that after the third year of senior high school, with the increase of learning intensity, somehow, his interpersonal relationship, mainly with his classmates, seems to be more and more tense. He likes to lose his temper with his classmates, and even becomes unable to communicate at all. The original good relationship breaks down. In fact, it is also a sign of psychological pressure.

Neurasthenia and memory loss are common phenomena. Senior three students in senior three this year, see the students say that the spirit is not good, can not remember things, so parents have to buy their children 'brain tonic' and other supplements to drink. Unconsciously, some students also feel that their spirit is a little trance, so they also let their families buy nutrition supplements. In fact, these mental debilitations are purely the influence of 'Psychological Suggestion'.

Depression and lack of passion are mainly manifested in feeling meaningless, boring and tedious in doing anything. Without passion, life has lost its luster. This negative attitude can lead to self-confidence.

How to reduce pressure before college entrance examination

Laughing healthily is the best way to relieve the pressure, and it is also a happy way to vent; or shouting or crying loudly in a quiet place is also a way to relieve the psychological pressure.

Listening to or playing light music can help relieve stress.

Reading books and newspapers is the simplest form of recreation, which not only helps relieve pressure, but also increases knowledge and fun.

If you do something wrong, you should think that everyone is likely to make mistakes and continue to work normally.

Since yesterday and the past can go, so today and the future days will surely pass safely, and read more about "there will be a way when the car comes to the front of the mountain".

Learn to avoid unnecessary and complex activities, and get rid of some artificial clutter and fatigue.

Don't be afraid to admit that you have limited abilities. Learn to say 'no' to someone at the right time.

Free and easy to face life, indifferent to fame and wealth, contentment. If you are upset, please open your eyes to the distance and see what strange things will happen in the sky.

There is no perfection or even justice in the world. I've tried my best, and it's not my own fault.

Don't worry about non principle issues, don't pester small issues, and relieve pressure with smart 'muddleheaded'.