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Is shellfish peach water easy to use? Can baby grow prickly heat to use shellfish peach water?

Summer has come to the season of mosquito inundation. For many children who are afraid of mosquito prickly heat, the peach water is very recommended. Baby peach water is a kind of medicine for treating prickly heat. In fact, pregnant women are also prone to prickly heat. Many people dare not use it at will. Can baby peach water be used by pregnant women?

Can pregnant women use peach water

During pregnancy, as long as the material is environmentally friendly and there is no pungent smell, generally speaking, it will not cause any adverse effects on the baby. It can be determined according to the use method above in the user manual.

How to treat infantile prickly heat

Now I will introduce some partial prescriptions for the treatment of prickly heat, for reference only. My parents will weigh the advantages and disadvantages by themselves. With a small try, maybe it can relieve the itching symptoms of prickly heat and make my baby feel more comfortable.

A new method of treating prickly heat

(1) Put 10g pepper into enamel jar, pour 200ml boiling water, cook for 5-6min on low heat, and then gently rub the affected area with cotton dip in pepper water when it is slightly cool and not hot. After 12 hours, prickly ash's purulent tip can shrink and shrivel. To consolidate the curative effect, we can warm the remaining prickly ash water on a small fire, and then scrub the affected area again. After this treatment, prickly ash will disappear completely.

(2) Cut cucumber into sections, or rub prickly ash with mashed loofah leaves, 2-3 times a day, and the curative effect can be seen a few days later.

(3) For the heavier prickly heat, one part of liquorice powder, two parts of talcum powder and one part of puffed prickly heat can be used.

(4) You can also take 100 grams of smelly sycamore and 200 grams of purslane and wash them in boiling water.