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What should I do if I forget to bring the pass for the 2018 college entrance examination? What can't

There will be another six days for the college entrance examination. For many college entrance examination candidates, is this time when they are ready to go and wait for the last moment to enter the examination room? So there are still a lot of considerations about the college entrance examination. So what can't be brought into the examination room? What should I do if I forget to bring the examination permit? Let's learn about it with

can a smart watch enter the examination room? No!

Many parents doubt that there is a clock in every examination room?

This is not the case, but the broadcast system at the test site 15 minutes before the end of each test will remind candidates of the remaining time of the test. Therefore, it is suggested that the candidates can carry the watches that meet the requirements so as to grasp the time of answering.

So what is a qualified watch?

According to reports, examinees can bring watches with no storage function, no calculation function and no data transmission function into the examination room, that is, they can carry ordinary mechanical or quartz watches. However, the current popular smart watches, smart wristbands, etc. can not be brought into the examination room.

In addition, computers, self provided straw paper, metal cans and other opaque drinks, chocolate or other foods are not allowed to be brought into the examination hall. Candidates can bring transparent water cups and drinks in transparent packaging into the examination hall.

Warm tip: national level major (college entrance examination, CET4, 6, civil servants, etc.) generally can not wear a watch with a pure digital display, all in order to ensure fairness and prevent cheating, because now the computer technology is so developed, it is not impossible to build a small display screen to display the answers. If you must bring your watch into the exam room, it is recommended to buy a mechanical or quartz watch.

Forget to bring the examination permit? Report in time!

What should candidates prepare for the exam?

First, prepare your own ID card and admission card. If the two cards are not complete, you cannot enter the examination room;

Second, prepare examination equipment, such as black writing pen or signing pen, 2B pencil, triangle board, pencil knife, compass, eraser, etc. Specially remind the examinee to pay attention to purchase the regular 2B pencil. All kinds of examination supplies should be packed in transparent stationery bags.

Before going to the examination site every day, candidates should carefully check whether the two certificates and examination supplies are ready. They should set out in advance and reserve enough time to prevent the test from being delayed for some reason. They should take the examination according to the examination site and seat number of each subject on the examination permit. They should make corresponding preparations according to the weather conditions of the day. If necessary, they can prepare a set of replacement clothes to prevent the test from being delayed due to the weather and other reasons To ensure a safe and smooth examination.

And parents worry, if their children's admission card or ID card forget to take how to do?

&DARR: before going to the examination center every day, it is better for examinees to carefully check whether the two cards are ready. In case of forgetting to bring the examination permit or ID card, they should immediately contact their parents to send the card and report to the head teacher or the staff of the examination center.

Answer questions

Q: is it necessary for parents to accompany the exam?

A: Children's opinions need to be solicited. Parents can accompany children if they need to. If the child shows resistance, parents' forced accompanying may increase the pressure on the child. If the child is sent to the examination center, just give the child a hug, a smile, and try not to say 'success or failure is at stake!' or other words that put too much pressure on the child.

Ask: the child begins to be anxious, often cannot sleep, how to do?

A: every examinee has to go through many tests, taking the college entrance examination as one of them. Try to relax as much as possible, and take the test in a normal way. At this time, don't consider things that have nothing to do with the exam itself temporarily, such as whether it can go online or whether it can be admitted to an ideal university. After each examination, don't think about it again and again, but turn your attention to the next examination quickly, and meet the next examination with a good state of examination. In particular, don't worry about losing a course, or it will affect the whole college entrance examination results.

Q: can you go to the toilet during the test? What about sudden stomachache or regular leave?

A: candidates can apply to the invigilator, who will accompany them to the toilet after approval. But the examinee must obey the arrangement of the accompanying personnel in this process, and must not make any illegal behavior, or deal with it according to the relevant regulations. It is recommended that candidates go to the toilet in advance before the test, and relax during the test to avoid the delay of test time due to going to the toilet.

At the same time, each examination site is equipped with medical personnel. If the examinee is ill during the examination, he can report to the invigilator. The examination staff will accompany him to the medical station of the examination site for treatment, but will not make up for the delayed examination time.

Where can I buy the application guide?

A: the application guide is generally purchased by the school where the students are from in mid June.

Q: when is the start time and end time of admission this year?

A: it is subject to the real-time online announcement of the examination institute.

Q: how to fill in the application form?

A: please prepare for the test at ease, and then consider filling in the application after the test.

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