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Precautions and taboos before 2018 college entrance examination how to properly reduce pressure befo

It's less than 17 days before the 2018 college entrance examination. Candidates who are about to take part in the college entrance examination often have various problems in the final review and sprint stage. The most common one is insomnia, anxiety, and even some mania. So how to adjust it properly?

So, in the last critical period before the college entrance examination, what problems should examinees and parents pay attention to? How to alleviate these problems? The problems before the examination are the problems that every family will encounter. After reading them, you may be enlightened.

1、 Sleep problems of examinees

Why should we put sleep first? Because sleep is not good, there will be a variety of emotional reactions, serious people will lose sleep every day, and these emotional reactions will affect the examinee's review efficiency and test preparation effect, which is a problem that many college students will encounter more or less. It is suggested that students can try the following methods to adjust their sleep and ensure the quality of rest.

1. Create a good sleeping environment. Before going to bed every day, create a suitable sleeping environment for yourself, such as dim lights, soft music, clean bedding, and some fragrant essential oil. Then, have a good sleep.

2. Take a deep breath and do relaxation exercises. When you can't sleep, do some relaxation exercises, such as deep breathing. The movements should be slow and even. Repeat for several times to relax your body. This will play a certain role for students who are not suffering from insomnia.

3. Count slowly to help sleep. The well-known method of counting is also a good one. You can count slowly, you can count sheep, or something else. But no matter what you count, there are three main points that you must remember: the things used to count must be boring and do not need to use your brain to remember; when you count, you must be slow and slow down, preferably more and more slowly; when you count, you don't need to think about it and count naturally, so that you will have an effect.

4. Use the method of psychological adjustment.

Find out where you are lacking, what you are most worried about, think about solutions, and then plan how to solve them. Half a month from the examination, the examinee will think about the deficiencies and problems, what can be done, what can be done, and what is impossible to make up. Once this point is made clear, there is no need to worry about it any more. To settle down and review carefully and give full play to what you can and master is to win. Don't worry about the exam any more, of course you can sleep well.

2、 Questions about preparing for the exam

In the last month of college entrance examination, it's impossible to raise scores by a large margin. The more reasonable state is to keep the status quo and have a slight upward trend. If you can play well during the exam, thank goodness. Of course, stability is the most important thing. Don't expect too much from others.

So, how to review in the last month of college entrance examination?

1. Treat the results of the simulation test correctly. After many simulation tests, each examinee will summarize and find out which knowledge points are better mastered by themselves and which are weaker. Part of the questions you are good at will be smoother, saving time, and the part you are not good at will take some time.

So, how far is the gap between the scores of the simulated test and the real college entrance examination? It is said that the scores of the college entrance examination are about 30-50 points higher than those of the simulated test in general. Therefore, we should not lose confidence because the results of several simulation tests are not satisfactory.

2. Horizontal review and vertical review are carried out at the same time. Candidates in the last 40 days, no matter in what subjects, to ensure that horizontal review and vertical review side by side.

Horizontal review, is to put all the simulation papers together, review according to the question type. Horizontal review is not to let you write down the answers of multiple sets of simulation questions, because in the college entrance examination papers, simulation questions are impossible to appear, but what is inevitable is the common question types. Remember the purpose of the teacher's question, grasp the characteristics of the question type and the way of solving the question, and find out the weak points in it to review emphatically.

Longitudinal review is to thoroughly grasp the first and last questions on the test paper. Because the types of college entrance examination questions are basically fixed, it requires students to study the range of knowledge points of each question. In the college entrance examination, although the questions have not been seen by themselves, they are familiar with each other, so they will not be too flustered and calm down. In fact, these questions are reviewed.

3. Good things need more practice, so do test questions. In their own unfamiliar questions, we must practice more, don't get tired of it, the more questions we do, the easier it will be. Especially in the difficulty of the examination, we must draw inferences from one instance, contrast in many aspects and practice in all aspects.

3、 What to do before the exam

In the last month of college entrance examination, parents are often more nervous than examinees, which will bring more pressure to children. To ensure that children are 'normal', parents should first keep 'normal'. Rather than worry and worry, it's better to give the children's counselors the matter of volunteering, select schools, look at majors and find guidance teachers. On the one hand, it can maintain the emotional stability of family members, on the other hand, it can prepare for the entrance examination in advance.

Some parents start to show their children the information about their application from the beginning of their high school; some parents will start to prepare three or four months before the college entrance examination after nearly three years of observation in high school, but now there is only more than one month left before the college entrance examination, and it's too late to prepare.

4、 Taboos before examination

1. Don't behave in a different way than usual. For example: suddenly, there are more vegetables for breakfast and more fruits for delivery in the evening; suddenly, they start to say 'no tension, everything can be tested'; suddenly, the TV at home is no longer on, and so on.

Because, such a change seems to be for the sake of children's college entrance examination, but in fact, it will bring pressure to children from the intangible, so that children feel every day that they want to take the college entrance examination, and they want to get good grades. 'it's better not to make any big changes, just keep' normal '.

2. Don't take the initiative to post any countdown signs, the school emblem of Peking University and Tsinghua University, as well as the blessing words of seniors and sisters. Unless the children put up some inspirational slogans on their own initiative, as long as they are doing it right, parents had better not put up any slogans or encourage actions for their children.

3. For girls, we should pay attention to whether the college entrance examination days are in the physiological cycle, take action according to the doctor's advice, and generally do not do drug intervention. Experts also remind that the period of regular leave will not lead to memory loss and response speed decline. Of course, there are still some reminders to tell you that girls should not eat cold drinks, take a shower or use cold water to wash their feet before menstruation to keep a happy mood. If the situation is special, parents can consult a doctor.

4. Parents must not talk about the preparation status of the surrounding children, the children of colleagues in the unit, and the children of the neighborhood in the community. They should not talk about where their children volunteer to apply, which major their children are going to study, and where their children want to go to university. These information will affect the mood of candidates to a certain extent before the college entrance examination.