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Can air conditioning face paralysis in summer? Precautions for blowing air conditioner in summer

Summer arrived, when the weather is too hot, how can we not blow the air conditioner, but there is news that a small partner blowing the air conditioner causes facial paralysis, so blow the air conditioner will cause facial paralysis? How to blow the air conditioner in summer is the best? Let's learn about it with

Will blowing air conditioner cause facial paralysis? Improper blowing air conditioner will cause facial paralysis.

Case 1:

Xiao Cai, a 26-year-old courier, was tired and hot when he came home from work, so he was lying in bed with the air conditioner on. Because he was too tired, Xiao Cai fell asleep. Unexpectedly, he got up early the next morning. He looked in the mirror and was shocked. His face changed completely. At that time, the right half of my face collapsed completely, and my eyebrows, corners of my eyes, and mouth were all drooping down, which made me sweat. "Xiao Cai said that when drinking water, it flows directly from the corner of his mouth and can't be closed. Finally, in the Department of Neurology of Dongfeng general hospital, he was diagnosed as facial neuritis, namely facial paralysis.

Case 2:

Xiao, 27, was nine months pregnant. When she went to bed at night, she was so hot that she turned on the air conditioner all night. As a result, she woke up the next morning and found that her mouth was askew, unable to hold water, her left eye was askew and closed, and there were tears in the corner of her eyes. After coming to the City Maternal and child health care hospital, she was diagnosed as facial paralysis by the doctor, because she slept in the night and was greedy for cold, which was caused by blowing air conditioning.

Don't get cold after sweating, and the air conditioning temperature should not be too low

According to experts, after sweating in summer, people are greedy for cool, improper use of air conditioner and fan, sudden change of temperature, stimulation of facial nerve, resulting in dysfunction of neural tube, symptoms include facial rigidity, numbness and salivation, mouth and eyes askew. It is suggested that people should not be greedy for cool air. When using air conditioning, the temperature should not be too low, especially for the elderly and children, and it should be timely and moderate. In addition, do not blow the air conditioner to the head. It is not suitable to blow the air conditioner immediately after sweating, drunkenness and shampoo.

How to use air conditioner correctly in hot weather? 26 ℃ is the most suitable temperature in summer

Even if the outdoor is hot again, the indoor air-conditioning temperature should not be set too low. Generally, the most suitable temperature for adults in the air-conditioning room is 25-26 degrees, 27-28 degrees for the infirm, and the indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not exceed 8 degrees, otherwise it will increase the burden of the thermoregulatory center. If the temperature difference is too large, it is easy to cause dizziness, dry mouth, cough, runny nose and other discomfort, which may cause stroke in serious cases.

Air conditioning wind blowing upward

When the air conditioner is turned on, the cold air sinks, so the wind is better to blow upward to avoid the cold air directly blowing the body. People who are close to the air conditioner, it is better to sit in front of the air conditioner, because the cold wind blows on your back and waist from behind, which is more harmful to human body than the face-to-face wind. If you can't move your seat, you'd better prepare a small scarf around your neck.

If you sit in office for a long time, such as typing, writing, etc., you can spare parts to wear and take off convenient clothes. When wearing a skirt, you can use a shawl to protect your legs, especially knees. Cold is born from the foot, should stand up from time to time activity, in order to enhance peripheral blood circulation.

Just enter the room and turn on the air conditioner 10 minutes later

Some people sweat all over, turn on the air conditioner and blow it when they get home, which is harmful to their health. Because at this time, the pores are completely open, and it is too late to close, it is easy to make the temperature drop sharply, induce cold and other diseases. Therefore, the air conditioner should be turned on at least 10 minutes after entering the room from the hot outdoor.

In addition, when sleeping, the body temperature drops. If the air conditioner is turned on all night long, it is also easy to cause headaches and colds. Before going to bed, the air conditioner must be turned off or set to turn off regularly.

Children's windows should be opened every hour to protect the respiratory tract

Air conditioning will make the indoor air dry, and because the air is not circulating, the environment can not be improved, it is easy to make people stuffy nose, dry throat, sneeze, etc. Therefore, we should pay attention to frequent ventilation. It is recommended to open the window once an hour or so for about 15 minutes each time.

In order to prevent dry skin and itchy throat, people who are often in the air-conditioned environment should drink more water, chrysanthemum tea and eat fresh fruits rich in vitamins.

Don't turn on the air conditioner when you are weak

The elderly with arthritis and rheumatism, children with incomplete development, pregnant women and other people with poor immune function, it is better to use less air conditioning. Especially in the early morning and dusk when the air temperature outside the room is low, we should do more outdoor sports, breathe fresh air, sunbathe, and strengthen the adaptability of the body.

Do not turn on the air conditioner all night

In summer, it's rather hot indoors, which affects the quality of sleep. Many people like to turn on the air conditioner all night. In fact, it's not good for the body. If it's too hot, you may as well turn on the air conditioner after supper, and turn off or adjust to the breeze or sleep mode before going to bed. Families with conditions can use electric fans at night to help reduce summer heat.

Avoid blowing directly

When using the air conditioner, the air supply should be able to shake its head. If you blow directly at the head and neck, the temperature of the scalp will drop, the reflex will cause the contraction of cerebral blood vessels, and the cerebral blood flow will also decrease. For the elderly with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, it can induce cerebral stroke when it is serious.

If the fan blows on one side of the face, there is a risk of facial paralysis. Although the cause of facial paralysis is not clear, it is recognized that local cold is one of the main causes. Because the cold causes the vasospasm and contraction of the vegetative nerve, resulting in ischemia and anoxia, edema, swelling, compression and deformation of the nerve.

Correct use of air conditioning for newborns

In the hot summer, many parents have doubts about whether to use air conditioner for their children. Because children's metabolism is faster than adults, they are more afraid of heat than adults. Children's room temperature should be properly adjusted according to the temperature, so it is said that children's room can be air-conditioned.

Keep the temperature of the air conditioner at about 26 ℃, which can not only prevent children from getting prickly heat, but also ensure good sleep.