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How to romantically express your girlfriend?

520 watch day is coming. It's also a day for lovers to show their love. But for those who are not good at words, if you want to make your girlfriend happy this day, you need to say more love words. Follow Xiaobian.

The warmest Valentine's day in 2018

1. I really want to hold you tightly so that you can feel my heart beating faster because I love you; I really want to hold you tightly so that you can feel my breath faster because I love you.

2. If someone asks me why I love you, I think I can only answer this way: because it's you, because it's me.

3. Your heart can choose to love me or not, but my heart can only choose to love you or love you more.

4. I can't say how good you are; I can't say how much I miss you. I only know, love you, turn around, even if thousands of years, no resentment; together with the world of mortals, even if life, do not regret.

5. Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.

6. You ask me whether I love you is worth it or not. In fact, you should know that love is not worth it or not.

7. I think you are very happy, because you can choose to love me or not, and I can only choose to love you or love you more.

8. I love your face and your heart. Even if I can't make you happy, at least I want happiness with you. As long as you are happy, I will be satisfied.

9. My last name is me, my first name loves you, I miss you, my first name loves you, my first name loves you, my first name reads you, my pen name dreams you, my first name knows you, my second name chases you, my last name is funny! Ha ha!

10. What is the most beautiful thing in life is to meet you; what is the most miraculous thing in life is to have you; what can't be forgotten in life is that I love you forever!

11. Once the accumulation of missing, how much love weaving, I write love poems with actions, facts prove that I am infatuated, but my heart is very full, because love you is my most successful ignorance.

12. There is a way through always remember, there is a feeling to understand again difficult to forget, there is a distance is always difficult to reach, there is a person I will never be willing to give up, that is you, because I love you!

13. If life is a two-way street, please let me hold your hand and walk in the vast sea of people, never lose it. I love you!

14. Since I know you, my life has changed. I forget all my troubles and live in heaven. Accept me, you and I can't be absent on the road of happiness. I love you forever, until I die!

15. Love you for ten thousand years is my pursuit; love you for one thousand years is my desire; kiss you once is the happiest time in my life; promise me, marry me!

16. Love is infinite, but love with heart, I have nothing to give you, only wish you happiness forever, I love you.

17. Eat less salt, eat more vinegar; eat less meat, eat more vegetables; eat less sugar, eat more fruit; take less cars, walk more; smile more with less anger; sleep more with less sorrow, my wife and I love you.

18. Let beauty weave a happy hat for you, let happiness customize a happy dress for you, let romance recite a love poem for you, let me offer you a heart: dear, I love you!

19. In the passage of time, I don't think what I said can last forever, so when time is still, I said I love you.

20. I have 100000 I love you, every day to you, that can be divided into years and days, but we can not live so long, so I will continue to say in my next life, next life: I love you!

21. I am Everest, you melt my ice and snow and make me Shangri La. I am willing to be silly for you, I love you hard to extricate myself, I want to use up all the heat, ignite the happy spark for you!

Don't tell me, you are really angry. In fact, I know, because you care about me! And I can only tell you: I love you!

23. You accompany us on the way of happiness, happy life, difficult times and sweet times. I love you, love you will never be separated, only wish you happy and carefree, healthy and safe!

24. Don't need too much, as long as you put everything aside and say I love you. I've been waiting too long. I feel so tired. But I'll wait for you.

25. I can be together if I love you, but there are many reasons to be apart.