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Class is to plant lotus roots and flowers. Children in the city experience the fun of planting. The

Four Seas network news, class is to plant lotus roots and flowers, after 00, the school experience of the new countryside painting style won a little praise from netizens. In recent years, China's primary and secondary education has been continuously reformed. It has become a common understanding to attach importance to the overall development of students, but how to do it is a difficult problem. Many schools' so-called talent classes and practice classes have finally become superficial skills, and students' comprehensive ability has not been improved. Recently, however, the practice of Sanyuan foreign language school in Chengdu has been praised by the whole people.

Class is to plant lotus roots and flowers

It turns out that Sanyuan foreign language school in Chengdu has set up a campus farm in the school, which makes the children in these cities experience "going to the countryside"!

The campus of Sanyuan foreign language school covers an area of 400 mu. There is a clear Sanyuan lake, which is surrounded by Sanyuan lake. The campus is divided into 15 pieces of farmland, each about 30 square meters. For the first grade of junior high school, school-based life courses are offered. There are 12 classes in the first grade of junior high school, each of which is divided into one farmland, and the other three are divided into biological group and school psychological consulting room. In these fields, a series of moral education courses have been launched.

Class is to plant lotus roots and flowers

It is reported that the first grade of junior high school has four class meetings every month, and the school requires each class to take out at least one class to carry out the campus farm course. In the course, students dig the ground, plant plants and vegetables, and fish and plant lotus roots in the lake.

Don't think that the planting of this course is just pretending, but it's actually very professional! Because many children living in the city are the first time to contact with planting, and often can't distinguish farm tools, so the school invites experts from the Academy of Agricultural Sciences and local farmers to popularize farming for students, lead students to the front line of planting, and guide planting on the spot.

Today, in less than 30 square meters of farmland, a variety of flowers, vegetables and fruits are planted, including marigold, roses, carnations, tomatoes and onions.

This course can not only train students' practical ability, feel the hardship of planting food, but also help students relieve psychological pressure. The instructor of the course said that children's experience of life changes in the process of taking care of plants is actually good for their psychological growth, and it can also release students' bad emotions, which is more than one stroke.

At present, netizens on the Internet are also praising this course, believing that this is an excellent course to put all-round development into practice.