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The thickness of super thin glass made in China is as amazing as that of A4 paper

as a comparison, A4 printing paper is 0.095 mm thick -- glass is only slightly thicker than a piece of paper, and what's more wonderful is that it is very tough -- it is installed on the household car which is hit at 150 km / h, with little impact and almost no damage.

Glass can be seen everywhere in daily life, but have you ever seen glass with a thickness of only 0.12mm?

Cao Xin, deputy director of functional glass Research Institute of Bengbu Institute of China Building Materials Group, led the team to do the ball drop experiment of ultra-thin glass, fully tested the performance of this ultra-thin glass, and revealed the "ultra-thin glass kingdom" behind it.

It is reported that the thickness of ultra-thin glass is only 0.12mm, which is the thinnest glass mass produced by float process in the world.

By contrast, A4 printing paper is 0.095mm thick -- glass is just a little thicker than a piece of paper, and what's more amazing is that it's very tough -- it's installed in a household car that crashes at 150 kilometers per hour, with little or no damage.

Ultra thin glass is also known as ultra-thin electronic touch glass. It is the core material of electronic information display industry. It is used as a basic material for mobile phones, computers and TV screens. The thinner the glass, the better the transmittance, the better the flexibility and the lighter the weight. But the glass is too thin and fragile. How to make glass thinner and stronger is a worldwide problem.

Because of China's technological breakthrough and innovation, the international market price of ultra-thin glass has dropped by 2 / 3. Cao Xin said he was ready to develop 0.1mm ultra-thin glass.

The process of China's ultra-thin glass moving to the height of the world stage:

In June 2014, it exceeded 0.33mm;

In April 2016, it exceeded 0.15 mm;

In April 2018, it exceeded 0.12 mm.

China has set world records again and again.