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Can fetal malformation be seen by four-dimensional ultrasound? Can we see the sex of fetus by four-d

For many pregnant expectant mothers, do they have to accept various tests during pregnancy? When they are four months pregnant, they will start to do four-dimensional ultrasound. Can four-dimensional ultrasound detect fetal malformation or gender?

Can we see the sex of fetus by four-dimensional ultrasound?

All regular hospitals will not tell or imply the sex of the fetus in any way. In fact, both boys and girls are the crystallization of love between husband and wife. Parents to be should pay more attention to factors such as whether the fetus is healthy, whether the development is normal or not, rather than whether the sex is right or not.

Can four-dimensional ultrasound detect all the deformities of the fetus?

Four dimensional ultrasound is more suitable for the examination of 20-26 weeks pregnant fetus. Because the four-dimensional ultrasound can observe the growth and development of the fetus in the uterus from multiple directions and angles, it can collect the facial expression and limb activity of the fetus in real time, provide accurate scientific basis for the early diagnosis of fetal malformation, and also can obtain beautiful fetal photos and fetal dynamic recordings. However, due to the influence of fetal position, amniotic fluid, placenta and so on, there is also the possibility of missing detection for small malformations.

During pregnancy when to do four-dimensional ultrasound examination? A total of how many times?

The first examination: about 16 weeks of pregnancy, at this time, four-dimensional color ultrasound examination is carried out to observe the overall image of fetal head, fetal body and limbs displayed on the same section, in addition, it can also observe whether the overall activity of the fetus is coordinated, but the effect of fetal face display is not good.

The second examination: at about 23 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is larger than that at the earlier stage, and the overall structure of the fetus cannot be displayed on the same image, but the local structure and movement state of the fetus are clearer than before, and serious fetal malformations can be found: anencephaly, severe encephalocele, severe reopening of spina bifida, severe pleura wall defect with visceral ectropion, single chamber heart, fatal achondroplasia Good and so on.

The third examination: at about 28 weeks of pregnancy, the subcutaneous fat of the fetus in this period is fuller than above, the facial expression is richer, and the various parts of the fetus are clearer than before. Not only is the diagnosis of the above malformations more clear, but also the facial expressions of the fetus, such as eating fingers, drinking amniotic fluid, yawning, crying and so on, are clearly visible.

Four dimensional color Doppler ultrasound provides a wide range of applications including abdomen, blood vessels, small organs, obstetrics, gynecology, Urology, newborn and pediatrics. It can display the real-time dynamic image of the unborn baby of the pregnant woman, or the real-time dynamic image of other internal organs of the human body.

Can we see the sex of fetus by four-dimensional color Doppler? It is against the law for the state to distinguish the male and female of fetus and disclose the sex of fetus for non-medical purposes. But four-dimensional color ultrasound can make pictures or VCD of baby's appearance and action, so that baby has a complete 0-year-old album.

Warm tip: factors affecting the accuracy of ultrasound examination:

a. Pregnant women's abdominal hypertrophy and relaxation, pregnancy month, fetal position, activity, bone sound shadow, too much amniotic fluid, too little, cesarean scar uterus and pregnant women's abdominal scar, etc.

b. Many diseases such as fetal eyes and internal objects, ears, fingers, toes, heart micro structure, subcutaneous tissue mass and so on can not be completely detected by ultrasound.