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Why are unsalable figures abused? What's wrong with the sad brand unsalable master?

The photos of "unsalable big man" are used by many businesses to sell apples, bamboo shoots, pineapples and lemons. Why is the image of "unsalable big man" abused? This big man is really sad. Let's take a look. The main reason for the fire is that businesses use the "sad card" marketing. Will you accept such marketing methods?

Recently, Linyi County Government in Shanxi Province issued a statement about the improper marketing mode of "Linyi Apple unsalable". The statement said that many e-commerce companies released the marketing plan of "Linyi Apple unsalable" and used the "sad card" to market Linyi apple, which had a serious impact on the brand image of the local fruit industry, and there were many exaggerations and inaccuracies in the marketing content.

Local said that "Linyi apple is unsalable" on the e-commerce platform exaggerated the fact

In the public account and e-commerce platform, there are still businesses that sell apple with unsalable marketing methods. In addition to Linyi apple, there are many businesses that sell goods from the first place, such as' apple unsalable ',' fresh bamboo shoot unsalable ',' pineapple unsalable ', etc., all of which use the photos of the same old man as the publicity map. In this regard, e-commerce customer service said that businesses or suspected of infringing the right of portrait, the platform will also supervise the sales behavior of businesses.

The photos of "unsalable" are used by many businesses to sell apples, bamboo shoots, pineapples and lemons & hellip; & hellip;


"Linyi apple is unsalable"? Local claim exaggerates the fact

On May 7, Linyi County Government in Yuncheng, Shanxi Province issued a statement on the improper marketing mode of "Linyi Apple unsalable". Recently, a number of e-commerce platforms released the marketing plan of "Linyi Apple unsalable" to market Linyi Apple by playing a "sad card", which has a serious impact on the overall brand image of Yuncheng fruit industry, the statement said. After thorough investigation, there are many exaggerations and inaccuracies in this information.

According to the survey of Linyi County Government, the videos and pictures used in the report were all taken before 2016, and some of them also used the method of "placing photos" to deliberately create the poor image of fruit farmers. In addition, in order to gain maximum sympathy from consumers, e-commerce deliberately creates the "ugly" characteristics of Linyi apple. The apples presented are the second-class fruits with rust scars, pockmarks, black spots and cracks. Such apples are the residual apples after merchants select and purchase high-quality apples, accounting for only a small proportion.

In the statement, Linyi County government also said that some platforms adopted improper means to obtain materials with the official seals of local township, village and fruit industry departments to cooperate in publicity, and the statement content was seriously inconsistent with the facts; most platforms deliberately exaggerated the severity of unsalable fruit, resulting in unreasonable fluctuations in Apple prices.

According to the survey, it is a common marketing method to play the sad card. Pineapple in Xuwen, Guangdong Province, tangerine and other agricultural products in Anhui Province have also been marketed in this way. The purpose is to attract the public's attention, gain the sympathy of consumers, and facilitate the sale of fruit farmers in short term and in part. However, in the overall and long term, the damage is the overall brand image and the overall image of all fruit farmers Interests.

Yesterday, a reporter from Beiqing daily searched an e-commerce platform and found that there are still many businesses selling Linyi apple under the name of "caring for farmers" and "40 million jin of apples are unsalable in Shanxi". One of the stores that claimed to sell Linyi's unsalable apples sold 8.5 Jin of apples at a price of 28.7 yuan, while the place of delivery was Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. In its propaganda page, an old man wiped his eyes with his arm and held several 10 yuan and 5 yuan notes in his hand. In other pictures, there are a lot of moldy or damaged apples piled on the ground, and some old farmers stand in the village with apples in their hands. There are many words in the propaganda, such as "farmers are burning with anxiety" and "want to cry without tears". Commodity reviews show that many buyers are aiming at the promotion of helping farmers. The seller admitted to Beiqing daily that the store was located in Shenzhen, but claimed that the photos were taken by friends who arranged employees to go to the place of origin.