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Avenger League 3 Movie spoiler takes the lead in watching the finale sharing of the three main chara

Finally, it ushered in Marvel's ten-year work "Avenger alliance 3", which is also the debut of the strongest villain in Marvel's history, which is also the strongest boss. In the second alliance 3, many heroes have been abused one after another, and many superheroes have died in the third alliance. Today, I will make up the list of heroes who died in the third alliance. For Marvel fans, it's more realistic to go to the cinema.

1. Helmdale

As the guardian God of Asgard, Heimdal plays an important role in the Raytheon series. In Raytheon 3, he protects the common people of Asgard and escapes from Asgard with Saul, Loki, Hok and the common people. However, he is hijacked by mieba in the middle (in the egg of Raytheon 3), so the beginning of Avenger alliance 3 is mieba hijacking the Raytheon, etc People, want to grab the space gem from rocky. And helmdale was stabbed to death by his men.

2. Rocky

In order to save Saul, Loki obediently handed over the space gem, and then said he wanted to rebel. Suddenly, he attacked, but he was still recognized by mieba, and finally let mieba kill him. This is the first tear in the movie. In the first five minutes, two characters died, which is enough to see the strength of mieba.

3. Kamala

This is perhaps the most amazing place for the screenwriter. Many people have been analyzing where the soul jewels are before, but in Fu Lian 3, mieba knows from the memory of the nebula that KAMORA is the key to finding the soul jewel map, and forces her to provide the location of the soul jewel, Vermeer star.

Arriving at the star of Vermeer, meeting them is the long lost red skeleton! He tells the Lord that there is only one way to get the soul jewel - that is to exchange the soul for the soul. Finally, the desire for power conquered the remaining father daughter relationship. The despot, with tears, pushed Carmel down the cliff, and finally the soul jewel arrived.

4. Vision

It is known that there is a spiritual gem on the head of vision, so as long as mieba gets it, vision will die. At the beginning, vision requires the Scarlet Witch to destroy the gem on her head if it is a critical moment. At last, she did the same, but mieba used the time gem obtained in Dr. strangely before, which reversed the time, and finally got the spiritual gem 。

5. Panther, Spiderman, strange doctor, winter soldier, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, galactic escort (except raccoon), shield chief Nick and Maria

Since mieba got six gems, one ring finger killed nearly half of the creatures in the universe, which resulted in the above heroes turning into ashes, and then the film ended. But I'm sure you can guess that these heroes will not be sacrificed like this. The first point is that after many heroes, there are many series of films that have entered the shooting schedule. How can they be killed in Fulian 3?

Then Dr. strange saw millions of possibilities in the future when he handed over the time gem. There is a way to defeat and destroy the hegemonic power. So the plot can be developed according to his preset, so all the heroes above are likely to revive in the next episode.

However, careful Netizens found that the surviving superheroes are almost all the members of the old League. Is this a hint of the next episode? In addition, the United States team will no longer play in the marvel series after the fourth League game. It is likely that "Avengers League 4" is the time to say goodbye to the members of the old League game.