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How about the income of yu'ebao? What is the annual income of yu'ebao?

For many financial managers, will they put some idle money in yu'ebao? Alipay has a function of yu'ebao, so long as the idle money is put into yu'ebao, you can get income. It is because of this amazing income, comparable to the bank, that many young people favor it.

Do you know how to calculate the income of yu'ebao? If yu'ebao deposits 1, how much can it earn in case of one day? How to calculate the income of yu'ebao 10000? It is reported that yu'ebao calculates the income once a day, and the yield is about 4.7%. Take 10000 yuan as an example, deposit yu'ebao, and the daily income is about 1.3 yuan. Calculation method: 10000 & times; 4.7% & times; 1 day / 360 days = 1.31 yuan.

Is the interest of yu'ebao high? Remember: yu'ebao is not included in the income on the day of deposit. It takes 15:00 as a time limit, and the amount transferred in after 15:00 every day is counted as the entry amount of the next day, and it also needs a working day to review. Here, it is a working day. Saturday and Sunday holidays are not included.

How much can yu'ebao save? Yu'ebao is not only a tool for income, but also convenient for shopping. It can be said that yu'ebao has a PayPal balance that can benefit. It can be used and taken at any time, without any impact. Yu'e Bao has an automatic transfer in function. You can open this function, which can be used and taken at any time, and can make the capital increase in value.

Is yu'e Bao really safe? Yu'e Bao is essentially a kind of fund. In other words, you put your money in the name of Tianhong fund, which will take care of it on behalf of you, and the profit part will give you corresponding share. In fact, investment is risky. Xiaobian doesn't recommend putting all the eggs in one basket, so he doesn't recommend putting all the money on yu'ebao.