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It's crazy to spend 4 million yuan to grow up, spending 4 million years younger and 30 years old, China's rich Ukrainian people spend money on health and longevity. The poor are still desperately buying school district houses, and the rich have already put out 4 million yuan to 'survive'. It's really poverty that limits our imagination.

Science has made the rich in the 21st century understand that the efficacy of health care products is not credible, but the heart to fight against the natural laws of aging and disease is the same as Li Shimin in the Tang Dynasty.

A shot of 600000, some Chinese rich feel that they are 'hot hands and feet, even their eyesight is better' the next day. Is it really amazing?

The reporter followed four rich people to the Ukrainian embryonic stem cell treatment clinic. Four Chinese rich people, who were only interested in making money when they were young, were afraid of their own lives and spending money, tried to fight against the natural laws and use their money to buy health and longevity. They are willing to spend 4 million years younger than 30 years old. They don't care if it doesn't work, as long as it doesn't have side effects.

The Ukrainian clinic, which claims to be the only one in the world that can be treated by injecting embryonic stem cells, is very similar to the health clinic in China's third and fourth tier cities, but the threshold is extremely high. To enter the two-story building, 598000 yuan must be paid in advance.

The clinic with simple decoration has only four or five single ward, but it is welcoming patients or clients from many countries. Some of them are rich Chinese, who are willing to pay a lot of money to play the most expensive needle.

'people in other countries, most of them have very serious diseases before they come to treatment. Most Chinese come to fight against aging. "Said the founder of the clinic. To this end, they have set up a new VIP Department, supporting Ukrainian service personnel who can speak Chinese.

Injection of embryonic stem cells in medicine can indeed treat a variety of diseases, such as Parkinson's disease, macular degeneration caused by vision loss and blindness, diabetes and so on. These diseases are common in the middle-aged and old people in China. At the same time, the treatment of these diseases costs a lot.

But this kind of treatment is not widely used. Our country just launched the first clinical trial of human embryonic stem cell therapy last year. We believe that patients who go to Ukraine for treatment understand that injection has risks and the side effects they have to bear.

The injected embryonic stem cells actually come from abortion products donated by Ukrainian women free of charge. After the fetus dies, the stem cells can still survive for a period of time, while Ukrainians have a large number of abortions. The founder of the clinic said that only 1% of them are all.

The netizens' response to this is quite the same, either they want to know whether it is useful or they think it is an IQ tax.


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