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Why is quick hand qixianyang banned? The truth of quick hand card Qi being banned

Why is the fast hand brand Qi banned? The brand Qi is the first anchor of the fast hand live social shake. The short video produced by the brand Qi has a great impact on the social shake, attracting millions of fans in the fast hand live. But a while ago, it was banned. What happened?

However, due to the continuous negative news of paipaiqi, such as the break-up of paipaiqi and his girlfriend Xiaoyi, it is suspected that paipaiqi broke up with his girlfriend Xiaoyi due to drug abuse, that paipaiqi suspected that he beat his girlfriend Xiaoyi due to domestic violence, that paipaipaiqi was in a low mood and attempted suicide by taking drugs. After that, paipai Qi created a new live broadcast of the fast hand number, and broke up with his master. The live broadcast quarreled with Hei Fen, which had a bad impact on the society. It was named and criticized by CCTV, and Pai Qi's account was sealed again and its live broadcast was permanently blocked.

Did paipai Qi and little Yi break up? They filmed wedding dresses in Sanya in March, 2018. They developed from the earliest apprentice CP to lovers. During this period, they spread various negative news, and finally achieved success. Recently, the society shakes the little Yi to carry the big flag of the family and army by himself in the fast hand live broadcast. The popularity is breaking through a million. The first and second brother of the fast hand have come to give gifts. The audience with sharp eyes and ears have pointed out that the card Qi is nearby to guide little Yi how to control the live broadcast.

When it comes to brand Qi, some people don't know it. One of the fast hand's online celebrities can be said to be popular with the whole fast hand by virtue of their social shakes. No one can be said to be able to jump into the social shakes in the fast hand. From online to online, children are imitating the social shakes of brand Qi. But maybe because of the influence of social shakes, brand Qi has also become the target of block, and social shakes are also praised by people It's labeled vulgar. But in this way, many people also have different opinions on social shake, some like it and some don't.

Xianyang is the net red with the most iron powder in the fast hand. It has its own Xianjia army. It can be said that this army is the most united group in the whole network. That is to say, with its own army, Xianyang also has its own place in the fast hand. But because of Xianyang's early black net and dry frame, it was also officially banned. Although it's said that Xianyang was banned, it's still a good life in reality, because he has his own team and can draw.

After paipai Qi and Xianyang are banned, the worst thing we can say is Pai Qi. Because of the ban of Pai Qi, the whole team of Pai Pai Qi is not very popular in the live broadcast, which can be said to be the official target of the ban. Not long ago, his apprentice was blocked by the fast hand official during the live broadcast, which can be said to strike the team of Pai Qi It's very big. The fans who like paipaiqi are all younger fans. The cohesion of fans is also very poor. Although after Paiqi is sealed, the whole fans are scattered, which is one of the reasons why the popularity of Paiqi's team is not high.

Compared with the brand Qi, Xianyang has been sealed, but her team's popularity is more than 100000, and the performance of her apprentice is very outstanding, especially the female apprentice Nami of Xianyang, who only has 300W fans, has a popularity of more than 10W + in three minutes, and a snack of more than 100W in nine minutes! The key point is that the local heroes brush 400 groups of cloud piercing arrows, worth 100000 gifts. Of course, the popularity of Xianyang disciples is very high. One of the most important reasons is that the fans of Xianyang are more united. They were once called the most united group of fast hands. The slogan of "who is full of enthusiasm to fight for, just for our Xianjia army" has also become their belief.

The popularity of Xianyang team is high. On the one hand, Xianyang's fans are more united. On the other hand, Xianyang will encourage his team. Whenever his apprentice performs well, he will praise him appropriately. On the other hand, the most important thing is that Xianyang, although blocked, also guides his fans to choose to support his apprentice, because both his apprentice and his autograph are With a contract, the apprentice's income is higher than that of Xianyang. After being banned, the team gap between paipaiqi and Xianyang is very large. The main point is that the team of Paiqi, which is dominated by social shakes, is under official pressure, because social shakes have become vulgar. The official can no longer let social shakes appear in the live broadcast, and the fans who like Paiqi are mostly young people, unlike Xianyang The fans are adults.