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Avenger League 3 is rocky dead? The ending of the characters in the film spoiler of Avenger alliance

Four seas network news, "Avenger alliance 3: Infinite War" is also in the recent global hot release, the film also let us see the most powerful superhero in Marvel Universe - mieba, in the first 5 minutes, the popular character rocky was killed by mieba, which also let many netizens want to know that this time rocky really died? The avenger alliance 3 rocky really dead?

In Thor 3, Loki takes a look at the space gem when he goes to get the crown of Sirte, suggesting that he stole the space gem. And the first egg of "Thor 3" indicates that their spacecraft has met with mieba. To undertake the story of "thunderobot 3", Saul's ships were attacked by mieba, and Asgard was seriously injured. Rocky couldn't bear to see his brother sol killed and handed over the cosmic cube. After that, Loki stealthily attacked and killed the bully, but was found out by the bully, and finally his neck was twisted!

Rocky is similar to Captain Jack of Pirates of the Caribbean. Captain Jack is not a good man. He can sell his friends or abandon the ship for his life. It is he who is both good and evil that gives him vitality, which is different and real.

So is Loki. He is not a good man like the US team, but one of the most popular roles of MCU. He has a lot of fans, because he is grounded, does not have the lofty ideals of saving the world, and only cares about his own interests. His evil spirit, cunning, scheming and scheming are all what other superheroes don't have. He used to be a villain, but he risked his life to save his brother in "thunderobot 2", and "couplet 3" was a heroic sacrifice.

Some people think he's stupid. They know that he can't win the battle and still beat the stone with eggs. I think this is his best destination. It's an unalterable fact that he killed all sides in "Thor 1" and "couplet 1". Therefore, he decided to sacrifice his life to achieve self salvation, which would make a better impression.

Rocky's dead?

Loki is a super villain of Marvel comics, a god of fire and mischief in Nordic mythology. Loki's pursuit of infinite gem power is likely to compete with mieba for infinite gloves, and finally be killed by mieba. However, according to online netizens, Loki seemed to receive a box of rice in the first five minutes.