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The princess of Dubai runs away from the princess of Dubai

recently, a princess of Dubai royal family ran away. In March this year, a princess from Dubai, who called herself rajifa, escaped from Dubai with the help of the French, hoping to live a free life abroad. The life of the princess is not as free as we think.

But witnesses said her luxury yacht had been intercepted in India and sent back to Dubai, never heard of since.

Before his escape, rajifa recorded a video detailing the reasons for his escape, BBC reported.

In the video, she said that although she is the daughter of the Dubai chief, she has no personal freedom in Dubai, her whereabouts have been monitored and she has never been out of Dubai before 2000.

At the age of 16, she had tried to flee the UAE, but had just arrived at the border with Oman when she was arrested and returned. After being taken home, she was beaten, imprisoned and tortured.

Recently, Human Rights Watch urged Dubai authorities to disclose the whereabouts of rajifa. But Dubai authorities did not respond, which left the identity and experience of the 'princess' uncertain.

When it comes to Dubai, most people's first reaction may be money.

Here are the Dubai Tower, the world's largest man-made island and the princes and princesses with beautiful faces.

But what is the life of the Dubai royal family?

The current Dubai chief is Sheikh & middot; Mohammed & middot; Ben & middot; Rashid & middot; Al Maktoum, who succeeded him in 2006 after the death of his brother.

After taking office, he invested heavily in infrastructure, charities and international activities, encouraged more foreigners to visit Dubai, and tried to build Dubai into a world recognized superpower.

With the development of Dubai, the royal family's own wealth is also increasing. Forbes estimates that Dubai's current chief has at least £ 7 billion in personal assets, while the royal family could have hundreds of billions of dollars.

These rich royal family members are also very headstrong in their personal hobbies.

Dubai's chief loves equestrian sports, spending as much as $1 billion on his horses. In the stable, there are more than ten first-class horses worth more than one million dollars all year round, and they take part in famous horse races all over the world.

Prince Hamadan, Prince of Dubai, likes to keep large pets, such as white tigers, African lions and leopards. He is also a 'luxury car' collector, with Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Lamborghini and other world famous cars.

Members of the Dubai royal family like to interact with the public through social media. The handsome prince Hamadan is instagram 'online Red'.

However, compared with the prince's exposure, the princesses are much lower profile.

In fact, in Dubai, most princesses are under the protection of the royal family. They are surrounded by bodyguards and have special car drivers. Like ordinary women, they should abide by the traditions of Arab countries.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Dubai women's participation in social and economic life was very small, but this situation is gradually changing.

In 2015, the UAE set up polling stations in Dubai to vote for women's empowerment candidates. The number of female public officials in government departments has also increased year by year.

This change is also reflected in the royal family.

Princess shakha is one of the most active and popular members of the royal family. She often shares her life on Facebook.

She received education in Britain and the United States, helped her father develop Dubai after returning home. She used Royal funds to build schools and set up education programs for young people in Dubai. She is also trained at the Royal Military Academy and is a member of the UAE women's army.

The second wife of Dubai chief, Princess Haya of Jordan, is a career woman living in the spotlight.

She graduated from Oxford University and is an Olympic athlete representing Jordan in equestrian competition. She would drive a heavy truck to camp in the desert and smoke and chat with a male driver.

According to reports, the Dubai chief has six sons and eight daughters. Dubai's royal family has a large number of women, and not everyone can be 'capricious' like shaikha and Haya.