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What flowers are better for mothers on Mother's Day 2018? What's the point of sending flowers on Mot

Mother's Day is to inherit the fashion of gratitude, let's remember the selfless dedication of grateful mothers. This weekend is mother's day, so what flowers does mother's day send to her? Besides carnations, what is the most sincere?

Carnation, known as the "flower of mother's love", is the first choice of flowers for mother's day. Of course, it can be matched with some roses. The legend of pink carnation is that when the Virgin Mary saw that Jesus was suffering and shed tears, the place where the tears fell grew carnations, so the pink carnation became a symbol of immortal maternal love. Different from the rose, carnation represents a kind of love that is light and warm, which is suitable for describing the love of family, so children often offer carnations to their parents.

What kind of bouquet is suitable for mother's day?

Flower recommendation 1: Purple listen to you

Flower material: 12 purple carnations, 7 pink carnations, 1 Multi headed lily, with appropriate amount of Carnation

Flower language: 'listen to my mother, don't let her get hurt and want to grow up quickly; only in this way can we protect her beautiful white hair and sprout in happiness; the magic of angels and kindness in warmth. "Listen to Mom" by Jay

Flower recommendation 2: beautiful spring ripples

Flower material: 16 branches of fankang, surrounded by carnation and plum

Flower language: spring is coming, everything is growing, the air is full of intoxicating breath of life, please enjoy the beauty of the moment.

Flower recommendation 3: Angel's Prayer

Flower material: high grade gift box with flowers: 19 pink carnations, don't forget me some

Flower language: health, peace, happiness, everything in silence, let the fragrance of flowers diffuse around, bring the best wishes for life.