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What materials should new born babies prepare for their Hukou? Detailed process of new-born househol for new born babies, they need to register within one month after birth. What materials should be prepared for the registration? What are the specific operation procedures for the registration? The registration of new born children should be handled in the household certificate Department of the local police station of either parent within one month after birth.

What's the procedure for the registration of the newborn

According to the principle that newborns settle down with their father and their mother voluntarily, they can settle down with their father or their mother. Materials required: marriage certificate, written application of the parents of the newborn, birth medical certificate of the newborn, and household register of the father or the mother, which can be applied to the local public security police station.

New children's household registration process

The new born child's household registration shall be handled in the household certificate Department of the local police station of either parent within one month after the birth of the child:

1. Infant birth medical certificate (1 copy, original check);

2. Parents' marriage certificate, ID card and household register (1 copy for each, and the original shall be checked);

3. The family planning certificate issued by the family planning work organization of the street where the planned residence is located (1 original);

4. For those who have one child in the policy, the family planning service certificate of the mother shall be provided; for those who have two children in the policy, the approval form for the birth of two children shall be provided (1 copy, original copy shall be verified);

5. For more than one month's declaration, submit a certificate (1 original) that the infant has not entered the household with the father or mother in other cities and counties.

For legal childbearing, the way to apply for household registration is as follows:

1. First of all, we need to issue 'notice of new-born household entry' to the neighborhood committee with birth certificate;

2. Take the household register, ID card, marriage certificate, child's birth certificate, birth service certificate and household entry notice of both parents to the street office for sealing;

3. Finally, go to the local police station's household registration section to apply for the household registration, and take the household registration book, ID card, marriage certificate, birth certificate and birth service certificate of both parents;