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How to use sunscreen in summer? The correct order of using sunscreen in summer

How to use sunscreen correctly? What's the order? In fact, summer is the best day for sunscreen, so how to use sunscreen best? If you don't apply sunscreen, your skin will be easily sunburned. Follow Xiaobian to have a look.

How to use sunscreen correctly?

1. Half an hour before going out, apply sunscreen lotion evenly to all parts of the skin. The dosage should not be too little. Don't forget lips, eyes, nose and ears.

2. Generally speaking, if it's not the weather with strong UV, you don't need to use it repeatedly, including the face and neck. It's the most appropriate amount to squeeze about 3cm out of the toothpaste tube every time.

3. For people with oily skin who are prone to acne, they should choose to use refreshing and non greasy emulsion products, and never use sunscreen such as sunscreen and isolation cream. Don't mix it up. It may cause skin allergy. The ingredients of different brands of sunscreen are inconsistent. If they are mixed, they overlap on the skin.

How to choose sunscreen

1. It is recommended to have an accurate skin test before buying sunscreen. Oily skin should choose water-based sunscreen with strong penetration; dry skin should choose frost like sunscreen; neutral skin generally has no strict regulations, and emulsion like sunscreen is suitable for all kinds of skin.

2. If you want fast sunscreen, don't think it's safe to buy sunscreen with high coefficient. Calculate the SPF value. In general, the higher the SPF index, the greater the protection given. In general environment, spf8-12 is suitable for people with ordinary skin color; SPF30 sunscreen is recommended for people with fair skin; for people with light allergy, SPF value is suitable for people with 12-20.

3. Know the suitable people of different sunscreen. Different sunscreen products have different application objects. The best way is to try it on the inside of your wrist before you buy it. If the skin is red, swollen, painful or itchy within 10 minutes, it means that you have an allergic reaction to this product. You can try a product with a multiple lower than this sun protection index. If there is any reaction, it is better to give up the brand of sunscreen.

PS: do you think it's time-consuming and laborious to apply sunscreen? If your face is too greasy, you have to wash your face first, finish basic maintenance, and then apply sunscreen. So many procedures are always troublesome. In fact, you can choose honey powder with sunscreen factor, first use oil absorption paper to clean the oily light on your face, and then put on sunscreen honey powder.