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Can you accept online divorce in the UK?

People used to think they would grow old when they got married, but when they got divorced, they wanted to break up as soon as possible. In order to reduce the pressure of breaking up, speed up the handling of divorce procedures and save money, the UK will implement online divorce, which can end the marriage with just a few clicks of the mouse. Do you think this way of divorce is hasty?

The online divorce system, introduced across the UK this week, is one of the modernization initiatives of the British courts, with an estimated annual savings of 25 million pounds (215 million yuan) by reducing processing time and paperwork, the Times reported Thursday. Before the comprehensive promotion, the "click to separate" online divorce system has been successfully put into trial operation, handling more than 1000 divorce applications, 91% of which are satisfied with the results.

Lucy Middleton Fraser, a Tory MP, said the online divorce system could not only cut waste, but also 'better adapt to modern life'. She said: 'when applying for divorce online, it's best to support those who are experiencing difficulties and suffering. '