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Is the personal information of wechat friends circle leaked?

On May 4th Youth Day, a software introduced several Republic of China style avatar templates, many people uploaded their previous youth photos in wechat circle, but this software seems to have the behavior of disclosing personal security information. Let's take a look.

Launched 'my previous youth photo - you grew up like this a hundred years ago' and quickly exploded the wechat circle of friends. At present, the software has collected more than 80 million user photos.

In fact, in some special festivals, there will be some third-party applications to collect user information in the way of personality test, personality survey, etc. Domestic Internet experts said that such a small game may leak personal information, users need to be cautious.

The software acts against the law

Internet experts believe that in the process of user experience 'my previous youth photos', the service chamber of Commerce collected the user's photos and the time, location and other information in the photos, but there is no public information collection and use principle on this link, no explicit purpose, method and scope of collection and use of information, and no consent of the collector, which violates the information collection should be observed The principle of legality, legitimacy and necessity is not conducive to the safety of personal information of users, nor is it in line with the regulations that network service providers should follow when collecting and using user information. From the perspective of standard and legal operation, it is suggested that service providers improve according to law.

Another domestic Internet expert believes that when the software collects photos of individual users, there is no hint of personal information authorization, which obviously violates the relevant provisions of the law. The collection and use of personal information by Internet companies should be based on the authorization and consent of users.

Users need to improve their awareness of prevention when providing personal information

Experts say the Internet does not have a 'Delete key' and users need to improve their awareness of prevention.

In addition, according to many cases monitored by the e-commerce research center, the vast majority of new network scams are related to the disclosure of personal information. They either make full use of the victim's personal information that has been stolen to carry out network fraud, or take the victim's personal information as the attack target of network fraud. The illegal transaction of personal information is exactly the root cause of the proliferation of network fraud.